I Lost my Cousin to Drunk Driving...

by Robert ST
(Cannon Ball, ND, USA)

David K. Eagle - Prom picture

David K. Eagle - Prom picture

My cousin's name was David Eagle, but everyone knew him as Dave. He was born in August, the same month as mine. He was fun to have around, especially when all my aunties' kids and us were all together, hanging out, talking with each other. He loved fishing and hunting. He was the oldest out of 6 in his family. He was a hard worker, very friendly, loved to do things with his hands. He NEVER took anything for granted. He served in the Army in 2000. He was 28 when he finally got his honorary discharge in July, 2007. He was so excited, he felt like he could do anything, I was proud for him. He talked about getting a degree from college, any kind of degree. He had such a big impact in my life. We ran together, he is the reason why i love to run, we lifted weights together, and played basketball together. He had the corniest laugh, and the biggest smile, all my aunties loved him as their own son. He is my oldest cousin but I looked up to him so much that I seen him as my older brother. Not once, have I ever seen him mad, it was hard to get him mad, haha, never did he yell at someone or did anything mean. He was so friendly and relaxed, like all the time.

It was a Saturday morning, September 1st, 2007, and me and my brother drove to the city Bismarck to shop. It's like 1 hour from where we live. We make it home around 2:00 in the afternoon. I go into my house and my father wasn't home but there was a letter taped to the television which said "I Love You Boys, Keep Strong and Help Grandma". So we didn't think anything of it, but when we make it to my grandmother's house, she is there with 2 of my other grandmothers. One is crying, my main grandmother asks me, "Did you hear?" I said "Hear what?" She then says, "Dave got into a car wreck". I was thinking, aww crap, but death was the LAST thing on my mind. Then I ask, "How is he?" It takes a moment before she lets it out, she says, "He's dead...." I couldn't believe what I heard, I was stunned. My brother was shocked, I started crying, right that quick I thought of everything, hunting, fishing, lifting weights, playing games, all gone. On the day of his funeral, I was a paulbearer, and I couldn't stand seeing him lying in that casket. When they were lowering him into the ground, my whole family cried. I hope that none of my friends, or anyone who reads this, go through what my family went through that day... putting a family member in the ground, never being able to see him again.

The next time a friend of yours or a family member, or even you, decide to drink and drive, think about the consequences, what would happen to you or a loved one, if they weren't able to celebrate their next birthday. I lost a cousin because of alcohol and decisions he made that night, and not only did we lose a cousin but his daughter lost a father. So please, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

We miss Dave so much, he was all of our older brother. It's been over a year now, and I still can't believe he's gone, it seems like he's away somewhere. Since his death, my life has had a void in it, like a hole that can never be filled. Nothings been the same without him, but life goes on. We'll miss him so much. I will especially miss him a lot. My brother, David K. Eagle. R.I.P

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Mar 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am so so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was a huge influence in your life,
.it is ok not be strong and to mourn. Love him for what he was, even his flAws. I lost my cousin this week and aim devastated, I feel your pain. All you can do is honour him ever day. Cheers to having good cousins. Xo

Jun 29, 2010
I lost my cousin too
by: Anonymous

Unfortuantely, it happens, the pain doesn't lessen. It gets easier to deal with. It's gets bad when the family keeps on living and people get married and have children, the life of your loved one is missed even more. I have you in my prayers. I know exactly how you feel. My cousin was like my brother, he was my best friend I wear a ring of rememberance for him and to remind myself never to let a friend drive home drunk.

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