I lost ,my one and only son because of a drunk driver

by Betsy
(Levittown NY)

His Dreams were stolen

His Dreams were stolen

Photo of Jason before i lost him :( to a drunk driver) he just wanted to help others, Jason was a pre med student at the University of Miami studying to be a doctor. He came home for his last Thanksgiving with his family.Nov 30th 08.We love you J we will forever miss you and never ever forget your sweet smile your funny laugh, your giggle, and how much you cared for others,and your great advice. Your family your friends and the EMTs will always keep you in there hearts.<3 until we meet again, Mom and Dad <3

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Sep 30, 2010
Thank you for responding
by: Dora

Thank you for responding.

It's most unfortunate that we lost such important men in our lives to careless drunk drivers.

I feel that you may not have been able to get the retaliation at the drunk driver who fled the country. However, as far as closure there is never going to be one for us even if these drunk drivers were given the death penalty. There is no end because my love for my son and your love for your husband will never end. Closure is an end to something and we will forever love our men.

Aug 22, 2010
We lost our only son our one and only child
by: Dora

Joe came this past Easter Sunday 4-4-10 on his motorcycle later than I had anticipated and without my mother in his classic red Mustang convertible.
He left when it was dark. Around 8 A.M. the next morning 2 policemen arrived at my door. My mind was blank when I saw them.They asked if they can step in. And I said outloud "This is bad." They asked my husband and I to sit down and then said "Your son passed away." Well I was in shock. And everyone said how brave and strong a woman I was. Ha yeah right!
Joe was 42 years old and lived with his 94 year old mother who he looked after and her needs. He had gone back to college in NY and got his MBA in accounting and finance. He had lots of plans. But I do recall him saying that he felt free riding on his motorcycle.
It was a tough when we had to write a statement for the DA. But after receiving an e-mail from a friend who asked me to go to lunch I was lifted and able to write the impact of what had happen.
It's difficult to believe and because of activity in my life didn't grieve every single minute. However, it hits when I least expect it. Joe's birthday was this past Thursday and he would have turned 43. I didn't cry all day until the wee hours then I flipped out,unable to sleep and never got any sleep until 24 hours later. With the help of a pill.
I try to continue on with life and realize that my life has changed forever. It's normal to grieve and I don't want anyone to take my grief from me. But I want to do it alone and not around anyone. It's as private as my love for my son who has and always will be the light of my life.
I look forward to dreaming of Joe again. It's so real for me.
God Bless Us All!

Apr 20, 2009
Very Sorry
by: Suzanne in Ct

I'm so sorry about your son, my heart aches for your loss...Your son's passing is fairly recent, I just "celebrated" my husbands third birthday in heaven, and I wish I could tell you things get easier, but I'd be lying to you....Our lives are FOREVER changed because someone choose to drink and drive...My situation was a double whammy, the guy that killed my husband wasn't a citizen and before he was stentanced he fled the country...So the man that killed my husband NEVER took responsiblity for what he did....There is no closure for our family...I hope you find peace in your heart in memories of your son to get you through the days and months and years to come...I read these stories and can't believe there are so many of us that have had our lives changed forever because of someone's lack of resposility, to think the laws haven't changed and become more sever for drunk drivers...My thoughts and prayers to you and your family...God Bless

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