I lost my one and only son last night because of a drunk driver

by Betsy
(Levittown NY)

Jason is 21 he was home for thanksgiving ,last night he went out with friends to say goodby,and Back to school. they went to a restaurant in Farmingdale as they always take each other out before they leave to go back to school on his way home he was hit head on by a drunk driver and died at the scene,there are no words to explain the hole in my heart but i could surely use any help i CAN GET MY HEART GOES OUT TO THOSE PARENTS WHO ALSO LOST A LOVED ONE IN THE SAME WAY. JASON YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OUR SPECIAL BOY WE LOVE YOU AND WILL FOREVER.MY LIFE HAS CHANGED BUT IM STILL HERE FOR YOU !DEAR GOD PLEASE DONT LET THIS MAN WHO TOOK MY SONS LIFE BE SPARED IN ANY WAY PLEASE


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Dec 01, 2008
God Bless You
by: suzanne

There are no words that will make you feel better. I lost my husband on April 16, 2006 and there is nothing anyone can say that will make it feel any better...Everyone tells you it will get easier, I'm sorry to say, it won't...and who is anyone to say it will when they have never been through this kind of loss...Our loved one's were ripped away from us in the blink of an eye..By the stupidity of individuals that didn't care enough about themselves and unfortunately killed someone else. I understand, the pain, the anger, all of it..It breaks my heart to read these stories, and everyday, I have a new story in my email...You would think people would get smarter about driving drunk...by the amount of people that write here, it just isn't so....Your son will always be with you. I hope to God the person that did this takes full responsibility for his actions, unlike the person that killed my husband, he ran away, fled the country like a coward, he will be judged one day. Surround yourself with friends and family and you'll get through this very difficult time...These people that drink and drive and kill innocent people don't realize, how many lives they ruin..I'm forever changed, as you are. Nothing will ever be the same...I'm so sorry about your son...

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