I lost my sister to a drunk driver

by Heather Wearshing (diem)
(New Holland Pa)

R.I.P. Kristy Noel

R.I.P. Kristy Noel

On November 28th 2008 Kristy Noel woke up early that day. Something told her not to go into work. She told her husband that she wanted to stay home from work and stay in bed all day. She got up and made pancakes for all the kids. Than went to the store to get more pancake mix cause she ran out. She got John his favorite candy while she was there. To this day he still has it unopened. She always thought of other people other than her self. Kristy's life wasn't always perfect. We didn't everything growing up like all the other kids. What we did have we made best of it. Our favorite thing to do was play pranks on people. We would call my mom and prank her all the time. My dad we use to tease all the time for some reason we loved to make him yell that didn't take much. Kristy married young and went through a tough marriage of abuse. Still after all that she went through she still stayed strong. John was our play mate when we were younger. They always had a thing for one another. One night Kristy and my little sister Jackie took him to field of screams and ever since that night they haven’t been apart. Since that I never saw her so happy in her life! They got married on Halloween of 2008. She always wanted to be different and stuck to that. She was married only 28 days when she was killed. It was 28 days to Christmas and she died on the 28th. She had three kids of her own and three step children who she cherished, Kristy was planning on having another baby this year. Kristy worked at Tel Hai retirement community as a cna. She loved to make people smile! She could walk into a room and light up the whole room with her smile! Even when your having the worst day of your life, she always made it better trust me I knew her all my life, and I was never down when I was around her. She loved her job and loved to take care of others which she did so well and didn’t even have to try it was so natural for her. I can remember my grandfather being in the hospital because he had a heart attack and and us taking turns staying over night with him. She stayed three nights with him because of his Alzheimers. She didn't want him to have to be tied down in the bed. Kristy once saved Heather’s life also. Heather was going through a depressive time in her life and a tough marriage also, and ended up in icu. She came to Heather’s house and found her almost dead. If it wasn't for her I strongly doubt Heather would be here today. Kristy was a great mother who loved her children and wanted nothing other to do then be here and raised them. Her middle son which she raised on her own . All he had was Kristy. The night of November 28th Kristy stayed a few hours extra at work to help out with bills and with Christmas coming up. She left work that night and it was Black Friday. She went to the mall to get her husband a tool box and her kids some gifts. She called her husband and told him she would be home in 20 minutes. He asked her if she needed help carrying anything in. She was really excited to get him his tool box. She told him to wait on the back porch but to close his eyes when she got there. She didn't want him to see it. So John and her older son 13 at the time waited for Kristy to come home on the back porch. John started to get worried because she still wasn’t home and he has been calling her and kept getting no answer which was never right she always answered her phone. Before he new it they saw a ball of fire up the road. John got into his car and drove up there something told him it was Kristy. While her son was watching from the back porch not knowing his mom just burnt to death and he witnessed it. John tried to get to her and they made him go home. He was in such shocked he didn’t want to tell my family. Around 3:15 am that morning he called my mom and told her Kristy was killed in a car accident. 5 am my brother went to pick John and all the kids up he was to much in shock to drive. He came to my moms and they sat all of the kids down and told them there mom had been killed. That was the worst thing you could ever tell a kid. Heather worked that night second shift around the time she was killed. She left work and something hit her and she didn’t feel right. She got this strange feeling something was wrong. She went home and tried to sleep but couldn't. Heather kept telling her boyfriend something wasn't right. So she took a sleeping pill. Heather’s phone was ringing through out the night and half asleep she turned it off. 11 am Heather heard the door bell ringing. Than pounding. Her boyfriend got up all Heather thought it was the cops. Thinking to herself what did I do now. It was Jackie her little sister she ran up the steps screaming and crying. Heather sat up in bed and before she could say anything she said, Kristy died didn't she? Heather didn't want to believe it but the look on my face told her. Still in shock we started to call her phone over and over hoping it was a really bad joke and she was going to answer. When we got to my moms everyone was crying. The looks of her children s faces we will never for get esp. her little girls face. My mom’s best friend Cindy took Heather in the room and said heather she just didn't get in an accident but her car caught on fire and there was nothing left of her. They couldn't tell if she was even a female and I don’t have the heart to tell your mom. Heather had to tell mom. Do you know how hard it was to tell a mother her daughter possibly burnt alive? Each day got harder and harder thinking her beautiful smile would walk through that door. But she didn’t. The worst part was being at the funeral home picking stuff out for her funeral. Its not a moms dream to have to pick out your own daughters funeral. As we were picking her coffin out her body came in. We started screaming and crying begging them for us to see Kristy our sister, Just one last time. The funeral director, looked at us and said, girls you don’t want to remember seeing your sister this way. At the time we didn't care and still we don’t. All we wanted was to touch her or see her one last time. Do you Ryan, know how it feels to have someone you love so much be taken away from you so fast and so violently? You have affected so many people in such bad way. We have nightmares still. We can’t even stand to look at a flame or anything burning. Heather would wake up in the middle of the night and see flames. We couldn’t even be alone for the longest time because the accident keep replaying and over and over in our minds. We would have dreams of Kristy burning and screaming help me. I hope you sit in your cell every day and night and think of all the family’s you have ruined, and all the hearts you have broken. A least you can still see, talk, and hear your family. I would much rather have my sister in jail then dead. Her son saw his mom burn. I hope you have that memory in your head for the rest of your life. As drunk as you were instead of trying to get in someone’s car you should of thought of trying to help the people you hurt. If you have enough knowledge to flee you have enough brain to help someone. Instead you ran like a cowered that you are. I hope that no one takes it easy on you. I remember my cousin telling me someone from your family told her that we should take it easy on you. That you can’t handle jail? Well think of all the peoples lives you have ruined in one night we hope it was worth it to you. No matter how drunk we would be, we would of died trying to save a life Especially if we caused the accident. There are no sorry or forgiveness on our part for you. It was Heather and Jackie that called you three nights after our sister was killed. You acted like nothing ever happened. heather asked what you were up to and you said you were getting your hair cut and had to go to bed early to go to work the next morning like nothing ever happened. Than she asked you what was wrong trying to get something out of you. You said, you were in a car accident. All you talked about was you. She said something to you about a woman who was killed and burned and she had children, and two other women who was burned. You had no remorse in your voice. So we hope you would be a man and take this sentencing as a favor then as punishment seeing how you got the easy why out cause it shouldn’t have been our sister who died it should have been u!

Written By:
Kristy's sisters Heather and Jaclyn
This is the letter we read to my sisters killer in court.

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Jun 04, 2011
by: Amanda

I met Ryan a year after the accident. You say he had no remorse and didnt speak of the lives that were lost that night, you are wrong. I dont know you just like you dont know him and I know nothing I say of him will make you feel better and noting I say can change the events that took place that night, but he is a good man who did nothing more then make a mistake millions of people do. Im sure at one point in your lives one if not more of you have driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is unfortuante this happend to your family but harsh words and anger bring you no closure.

Sep 08, 2010
Old Friend and Sorry for your loss
by: Heath A

My name is Heath, I worked with Kristy when she was at B&L and I was friends with her outside work. I had heard something had happened but was never able to find out if something had. I had lost her number and then I just recently found this article. I am so sorry for your loss and the family's loss. I wish there was something I could say but all I can send is my sympathy. I hope that you get this or read it, and again I am so sorry that this sympathy comes so late.

Apr 09, 2010
sorry for your loss :(

I am very sorry for your loss, and I know it seems like how can I forgive a guy who killed my sister and acted like it never happened?! Well, even a horrible person like that deserves forgiveness. Forgive and forget, even though a thing like that seems unforgivable. this is not meant to be offensive. again, Im sorry for your loss. you'll be in my prayers.

Apr 09, 2010
sorry for your loss :(

I am very sorry for your loss, and I know it seems like how can I forgive a guy who killed my sister and acted like it never happened?! Well, even a horrible person like that deserves forgiveness. Forgive and forget, even though a thing like that seems unforgivable. If you don't forgive others, then God will not forgive you. this is not meant to be offensive. again, Im sorry for your loss.

Jan 27, 2010


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