i wish it didnt have to happen.....

by Kelsey
(Omaha, Nebraska)

my boyfriend, Miles,was killed my his brother, caused by drinking and driving..he was 15, lived in king lake, nebraska

it was around 1:30 am on March 20 when my phone went off but i didnt get it untill 7:00 in the morning when i had a voicemail from my friend telling me that miles, his brother, and best friend were in an accident and that one of them didnt make it..i freaked i ran into my moms room crying and telling her what was goin on....after we got a hold of people and found out which hospital they were at. all i could think about was miles, an him being their...
when we got to the hospital i knew that miles was the one who didnt make it, this changed my life..never in my life did i think i would lose my bestfriend in the world to somethin that could have been prevented.......

Seriously drinking and driving isnt worth losing your friends and family over...think twice before you go out and "HAVE FUN"

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