by doug
(columbia falls montana)

i was six years old my parents and i went to montana to see my family. my parents got married a week or two just before we went on are trip. we were in montana for only a week at the most. i had never met these people in my family ever. and my parents went on a ride on there harley around 7:30pm and they did come home it was late at least midnight and my aunt and uncle tell me to go to bed. i wake the next morning and everyone in my family is crying. i ask what was going and they told me my mom and dad were killed last night. my two sisters and i was alone in montana. with the only people we knew or loved there gone for ever. my sisters were only ten and twelve. we had to live with these people we didnt know. i was told that the kids that killed my parents had stole the car from there parents and were drunk and swerved across the road. hit them head on. they were killed instantly. the kids did not get any trouble at all they were releast to there parents. and that was it. while my sisters and i had to deal with the fact the the only two people i knew and loved were gone! i miss them very much and i love them.

i hope that when u read this u will understand wut can happen if u choose to drink and drive you kill people!


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Jan 30, 2009
Im so sorry!!!
by: Krista Graves

hey well i just wanted to say i was sorry and i dont have much to say but to let you know that im sorry

Krista Graves

Apr 12, 2008

It is so hard to believe how fast a drunk driver can steal your life right out of your life.. I myself had a brother stolen out of my life due to a 4 time repet offender. It happened on my 35th B'day. My brother was only 29, he had two kids. Erika 6-1/2 at the time and Little zachary who was only 5 at the time... It is so hard to move on and upward after you have had your whole life ripped out from under neath you. There are no words of consolation to make anyone in our postion feel better. It's just not possible. I am a totally different person today then I was on Jan 14th 2006... That was the day my life ended the way I used to know it. I have three kids of my own and I feel terrible for my actions and how I reacted after my brother was KILLED. my oldest is 16 middle is 13 and my baby girl is 12. They also took it very hard, but you see I was so filled with grief, dread, hopelessness,anger, lonelyness, and self pitty that I forgot to take care of my children.... I have so much pain and agony for them now, now that I can see what I unknowingly did to them. We are all still in counseling, I go once a week and the kids go twice a month. Not to mention my Gramma just died of natural causes but still it put me back into my dark deepest depression. I guess I have post tramatic stress disorder. It took us 18 months to getthe driver into court. He got one of the longest sentences in the state of Oregon, 15 yrs 8 months. I dont feel a bit of sadness for him either he was offered a plea of 3 to 4 yrs if he just plead no contest, he was a fool and thought he could beat the system once again, I bet he is not laughing anymore..... hope life gets better for you soon. By the way when did this happen and how old where you???? Write back if you'd like you can find me on the comment page I'm sure. If not my email is lstandley@rosenet.net life does get different I promiss you that, I cant say better but different is what I have found.. Lorri

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