If we drink or use any substance ... Dont drive...

by Stephanie

I wondered if you could look into the statement below. Impairment starts at a .02 while many fetal accidents occur with drivers registering a BAL at .04... then obviously go up considerably as the BAL goes up. Most states, like WA, have a .08 legal limit... but that only means that the officer no longer has to prove anything. A driver can be arrested for anything under a .08 if the officer feels that a person is impaired. They are coming in through our clinic in groves and with DUI's for not only alcohol levels of .02 and above, but also for nanograms as low as 5ng when smoking marijuana. Fatal car accidents of marijuana users are slightly higher than that of a drunk driver at a .10. So the message is ZERO tolerance, right. If we drink or use any substance... Dont drive.

Everyday I learn about another death due to impaired driving.

Thank you for this site.

While sitting at a bar, have you ever wondered if you've had too much to drink to drive safely? Do you know what the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is? What does that number mean anyway? Would you be able to tell the difference between a .07 and a .08? That's the difference between being legal and being at risk for a DUI.

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