IN memory of Brittany age 21 and her 10 month ols son killed by a drunk driver

by Angela

Brittany and Aiden

Brittany and Aiden

My precious niece and nephew was killed by a drunk driver on February 27,2010.Brittany Thomas age 21 and her 10 month old son Aiden was traveling southbound on Alcoa Highway and a drunk driver going northbound went over the media,went airborne and struck their car. He had a BAC of.20. Brittany was in nursing school and studying to be a nurse and Aiden was always smiling and the happiest baby that I had ever seen.This is the result when you choose to drink and drive. Two lives taken away all too soon.

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Sep 14, 2010
I promise to stop drinking and driving
by: Anonymous

Im truly sorry for your loss. I wish i too had the power to bring your babies back. I feel that i had something to do with there being gone because i use to drink and drive. This story has my eye teary and my heart in my stomach, I truly hurt for you. The reason i came into contact with your article because im doing a paper Are Drunk Driving Deaths Murder. The instructor of my class want to know how do I stand on this issue. Yes, drunk driving deaths are an is Murder. I believe that anyone driving or operating a motor vehicle that is under the influence of alcohol, and foreign substance and kills somebody its murder. I owe my family, those who were on the road with me, and you and everyone who had to deal with the hurt and pain caused by peopl who drink an drive I truly appology. Thank you for your story

Jun 14, 2010
It's not all about YOU!!
by: Anonymous

this is the most selfish self centered thing one can do. If you wish to kill yourself, that's your business, but I care what happens to me and my family and you have NO right to be on a public highway under any influence! Whatyou do in the privacy of your own home if YOUR business, but what you do on public roads is everyone's business.Think of someone else beside yourself! May God help you.

Apr 21, 2010
how precious they are
by: paula overstreet

im soooooo sorry for your losses. ill pray for your family. i feel your pain deep in my heart and i want you to know .this is so awful. a moma and her son for no reason- because someone esle choose to drink and drive.why dont people see and reconize-? how many people have to die before someone listens?????im so hurting for you. if you ever need someone to talk to, im here if you need me... i lost two of my children in two different but alcohol related year eight months apart.. i wrote story and comments on here too.please read if you want too.. i try to reach out to anyone i can because i know i cant bring my sons back-i wish i could everday- but i know if someone has a true heart and they read my stories about my boys,ages 22 and 16.. it should make them think twice before getting behind a wheel drinking and driveing again... tell your story, stress what she was like what she loved in life. tell about little aidens smile.. tell how it happened in detail best you can , please warn as many people as you can the warnings and consequences of drinking and driveing.......i want to give you a huge hug, so please right now,please take your hand and put it into your other hand, squeeze and when you feel the tightness, that is me hugging you... god bless youre heart, and help you and your family to and hugs paula overstreet----- i can be reached at all lowercase letters write me soon. god bless

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