Irresponsible 17 Year Old Makes a HUGE Mistake--D. Palmeri, MICHIGAN, January 2009

A girl, Danika Palmeri of Shelby Township, MI, age 17 at the time, drove home drunk on Telegraph Road late one night after an underage party in January 2009. She collided with another drunk driver?-a mother-?who was traveling in the opposite direction. The mother died. Drug paraphernalia was also found in the teen?s car and she admitted that she had been on a phone call at the time of the crash. PLEASE do not make these same, incredibly stupid and irresponsible mistakes. She got away with this with only two and a half weeks of jail time. Punishments need to be more severe for such terrible incidents. Everyone should be informed about the responsibilities that come with having a drivers license. Please talk to drivers of all ages and inform them that drunk driving is NEVER okay.

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