by Suzanne

I found this website a few years ago while looking for some kind of justice for my husband.

He was killed by a drunk driver that decided he couldn't handle jail, so he fled the country. We all pour our hearts outs in hopes of saving a life, hoping someone will read our story and decide to NOT drink and drive. Just about every day, I get a new story from this website, AND find it absolutely absurd the amount of people that say, the person that took they're loved one, had been arrested not once, or twice but three time before they KILLED!! In my opinion at this point, IT'S MURDER!!! IS ANYONE LISTENING!! I know the people that post stories on this website are listening...But, HOW do we get our stories told to people that NEED to hear them...I'm sad, I'm hurt, I'm frustrated, I'm mad as hell...If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to get these stories out, PLEASE do so....When will it stop...How can a person thats been arrested 3 TIMES before still be driving or for that matter, why aren't they in jail! someone explain it to me....


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Jan 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

When did this happened? Was he ever arrested? Because I meet a person who did exactly that. He was drunk driving hurt someone and fled the country. Now is back and acting like nothing happened. I personally think that it is not right and he should pay for what he did

Aug 22, 2011
i have a suggestion
by: Jason's Mom

Recently, on Facebook, a petition was drawn up by a very concerned citizen. She was very successful by reaching the number of signatures necessary for Caylee's Law to be sent to public officials. I received two letters back in response from our Virginia Government officials. Facebook maybe a good route to take to gain support for changes in DUI laws. I believe it is possible to achieve a law which takes away a driver's license from 1st offense DWI offenders before they can repeat and take our loved one's lives. Facebook has a lot of supporter. Nothing will stop the drunk driver from driving drunk except maybe taking away their license...but still some do drive without a license. The drunk driver who ended my son's future and ours had no license, insurance or even his own car. I'm saying a prayer for all who suffer the loss of loved ones.

Aug 02, 2011
a concerned mother
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been dealing with a grown son who is an alcoholic. Last weekend the phone rang at 3am, I thought it was "the call". I have tried everything through the years, taking away the keys, calling the cops myself, threats, etc... Finally, when I saw him, I blew up. You almost killed my kid last night, that could have been a very different call. I finally stood up to him and told him he has to make a choice between alcohol and family. So far, I haven't caught him drinking again, but I can honestly say that if I do, I am done. Alcoholic's don't realize that they are not only killing themselves, but their loved ones, one beer or drink at a time. Please, it's time to stand up to your loved ones. I got a second chance, not everyone is so lucky. Think before you drink & drive or before you get in a car with a drunk driver.

Jul 18, 2011
by: Suzanne

Thank you for reading these stories to your clients, please tell them our lives are forever changed, nothing can bring back our loved one's all we can hope for is that another family doesn't have to go through the pain that we have. Please tell them that there isn't a birthday, a graduation, a holiday, that is ever the same...because of the choices these people made to drink and drive...Thank you for listening, thank you for telling our stories...

Jul 18, 2011
I am listening
by: Anonymous


First of all I am so sorry for your loss, and for everyone's loss on this site! The stories are heartbreaking, and I want to assure you that I am indeed listening.

I have been placed in a position where I now provide treatment for those who have had multiple DUI's and extremely high BAC's. And to be honest, if I had ever lost a loved one to a drunk driver, I am not sure I would be able to do what I do.

I stumbled upon this website while looking for SOMETHING to PENETRATE in my client's heads. As I mentioned, these clients have at LEAST 2-3 DUI's on their records and I have no idea WHY our courts allow them to be around cars, licenses, etc.

But I am writing this because I wanted to let you know that I am doing all I can with the people who have been placed (by the court)in my treatment groups. I will be reading these stories to my groups and forcing them to face the reality of where their decisions will lead if they continue on this path.

Dec 08, 2010
HERO Campaign
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss and to hear about your story. I came across this website and found a lot of stories that were just like yours. I represent an organization called the HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers. We have programs all over the tri-state area to help raise awareness about the importance of a sober designated driver and to help keep drunken drivers off of our roads. The passion and commitment starts with people like you and ourselves who have unfortunately suffered an immeasurable loss of a loved one. Check out our website and stay tuned to events and programs in your area for the HERO Campaign. Right now one of our most successful awareness and fundraising programs is our HERO Walk. It is a 5k walk in memory of those lost due to drunken driving tragedies. We are currently building our volunteer and supporter database to start getting Walks going in every state. If you are interested in getting involved and to receive more information email me your information at
Warm regards,
Jaime Muratore
The HERO Campaign

Nov 05, 2010
god bless you
by: jeesica

god bless you, god is listening. he will do something

Nov 05, 2010
god bless you
by: jeesica

god bless you, god is listening. he will do something

Oct 28, 2010
My heart goes out to you......
by: grant

I had the same exact story i was hit by a driver that was texting and driving i had to have a knee repalcement and my mom hit her head on the wheel and sometimes forgets things and the driver only got a $200 fine while now i will always have a bad knee and my mom will always never be the same again... It hard to let go but thats what god wants us to do and never let go of faith...
God bless

Oct 27, 2010
I know!
by: A Mommy

My children's father has been arrested for drinking and driving three times in the last five years, and STILL has a license! I am glad he lives so far away (and doesn't care to see the kids) I would lose my mind in fear if they were ever in a vahicle with him!!!

Sep 13, 2010
by: Shirley

It doesn't matter if it's a sister, brother, mother, father, husband, wife, cousin, friend....A loss is a loss....The insanity needs to stop...HOW CAN WE HELP TO GET THE LAWS CHANGED NATIONWIDE!!! It can't be different in one state then in another....I agree....1st offense 5 years automatic!!!

Sep 09, 2010
Honey, I completely agree
by: Missing Ryan

I agree with you 100%. I think these people (drunk drivers) need to be put in jail a minimum of 5 years for their first offense and an increasing amount of jail time thereafter in incriments of 5 years with no early release; and if they kill someone, no matter if it is their first offense or not, the death penalty should be brought upon these selfish people no life in prison, no 10 years sentence with parole in 2 years... their life needs to end just like they ended someone elses!

We need harsher jail sentences in this country. It seems the judicial system would rather give people a slap on the wrist and let them go on their merry way. I feel if a judge convicts a person of DUI/DWI and sets the person free the judge should be held accountable for the actions of the person they released with a lienient sentence. If that person kills someone the judge should be put up for the death penalty too.

I have no feelings of sorrow for drunk drivers,t they put themselves into the situation. I have lost 7 people in my family to drunk drivers... the last was my cousin Ryan and I miss him everyday. HE was my best friend and confidant, it might not be the same as a husband, but I miss him none-the-less.

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