isabella swan

by kate



We've got some videos, Mom. I remembered what you said:
"After work, please don't go out. Maybe bring friends home instead."
I went and picked Neil up, Mom. You know that he has no car.
We then got two movies, Mom. (Look, I think you like this "star"!

...The movie is ending, Mom. You will want to "hit the sack".
I'll just run Neil back home, Mom. And wake you when I get back.
You don't have to worry, Mom, you know that I drive safely.
Dad taught me here on the farm. How to drive responsibly.

....I'm on my way back home, Mom. (why'd the car in front just swerve?)
A CAR CAME IN THIS LANE, MOM! Please, God! This I don't deserve!
....Though I'm still in the car, Mom, I hear the policeman say,
That the other guy was drunk, but I'm the one who had to pay.

I'm lying here dead, Mom. Won't be seeing you anytime soon.
How'd this happen to me, Mom? My dreams burst like a balloon.
Through all the ups and downs, Mom, I have really loved my life...
I planned on having kids, Mom. And being someone's wife.

There's blood all around me, Mom. And all the blood is mine.
I hear the medic say, Mom, that it shouldn't be my "time".
They say the one that hit me, had prior DUI's...
So..he's done this before, Mom. He drinks..but I'm the one who dies.

Why do these people drink, Mom? It can ruin your whole life.
Yet it's not him, it's me, Mom. (The pain's just like a knife.)
Why isn't it the drunk, Mom? I just don't think it's fair
That I'm lying here dead, and he can stand there, smoke, and stare.

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Oct 01, 2010
That is really sad and it reminds me of my Best Friend
by: Leona Headley

I think that was really sad and it even reminds me of my best friend his name is Matthew David Long we have been best friends since second grade you should read a few of the things I put on here for him.

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