Isaiah Ramirez, Anaheim, CA, 10/18/2014

by Sara Luna
(Anaheim, Ca)

taken on 5/2/14 he loved going to Angel games

taken on 5/2/14 he loved going to Angel games

taken on 5/2/14 he loved going to Angel games
Our only picture we have of the 5 of us together taken on Easter 2014
He loved his sister so much 8/2014
Our yearly family vactions are going to Vegas.. He loved Vegas

After a Fun day at a near by festival never would we have imagined a nightmare was yet to come. After the festival my family and I decided to go have late dinner at Norms Restaurant. Leaving the restaurant after having dinner, we came to a stop at a red light. While waiting for the green light we were just talking about watching a movie when we got home. Out of nowhere we got rear ended on the left side where my 10 year old son was sitting at. In the back seat was also our 6 month old and 8 year old daughters at the time. I was driving and my husband was on the passenger side our car spun 100 feet across the intersection. Witnesses helped get our kids out of the car. My husband and I were stuck inside the car till the ambulance arrived. While in the car I looked through the window and saw my girls were ok then looked over to my son (he was on the other side of the street)he was just laying on the grass.. he was not moving. At that moment I feared the worst. Once the ambulance got there they rushed my son to the near by hospital. They took my girls, husband and myself to a different hospital. Getting to the Hospital we kept asking about our son no one knew anything. What felt like hours without knowing about Isaiah.. a lady came in our room with a group of people at the hospital.. at the moment I knew it was bad.. I will never forgot the words that came out of the lady's mouth (sorry to tell you but your son didn't make it) She said they tried hard to revive him but he was not responding.. My heart sank and I just wanted to die. The next day we found out the man that hit us was under the influence of drugs and high on Marijuana. Our lives forever changed in just a matter of minutes. living life without our son is truly the worst feeling ever. How can a perfectly healthy boy be gone in a blink of an eye. At times I feel in denial and I'm sure its normal to feel that way. He loved family time and was always excited about everyone's birthday. Nothing will ever be the same. We will forever love him and miss him dearly everyday.

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