It can happen to anyone....

by Sandra
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

It was the summer of 1991...I was 16 years old...I was visiting a friend just outside of the town we lived in and my Mom called me to tell me she and my little sister were on the way home from our trailer and were going to pick me up and advised me at that time that my Step father was staying up at the trailer for another night...I was so excited seeing as my step father and I never seen eye to eye...I thought "AWESOME...Just my Mom, sister and I"...

Later that sister was in bed and my Mom and I had been downstairs probably watching a movie or something(I can't recall) I decided around midnight that I was going to head to bed...I had just gotten to my room and shut off the light and our phone rang...I could hear my Mom talking to someone so when she hung up I went up the stairs and asked who it was...She told me that it was the hospital and that my step father had been in a bad accident. She told me she had to go up and told me to keep an eye on my sister. The phone ringing woke up my sister and she came downstairs and crawled into bed with me(I didn't say a word to her about anything) and then we fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke and went up the stairs and my Mom was sitting on the couch...It looked like she hadn't slept...I asked "what happened???"...She then told me that my stepfather was drinking while at the trailer(as he always did) and had decided that he was hungry...Got into the car and drove to a place about 15 min away for chicken wings...on his way back he was coming around a corner and hit head on with another car carrying 4 passengers...It took the jaws of life to remove him from that car...He had an open case of beer in the back seat and a beer bottle between his legs...He was unconcious and they transferred him via air ambulance to a trauma centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He was extremely intoxicated and although noone was killed in the crash and he was the one to take the major brunt of the impact he was charged, convicted and ONLY served 2 weeks because the judge felt he had been through enough...He lost his job(and was the main supporter of the family) He was unable to work for nearly 2 years and just when you'd think that after going through something like that it would make anyone stop drinking..He turned around a couple years later and did the same thing but only this time with a snowmobile...Hit head on with another snowmobile but this time it wasn't reported because it just so happened that both my step father and the other snowmobiler were BOTH DRUNK!!! DRINKING AND DRIVING RUINS LIVES---I have no respect for my stepfather and I think anyone who drinks and drives deserves everything they get!!!


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Feb 15, 2012
drinking and driving NEW
by: monique williams

Im sure even though your step dad chose to drink and drive and killed those innocent people, its still a loss for you, and its certainly not your decision. however, it pisses me off to see people who are selfish, reckless and stupid. such cavalier attitudes such crashes and deaths. My brother was killed by a drunk driver, two time offender that thought it was no big deal to drink and drive. he was 34, with 3 young kids, 2 sisters and many friends. our lives and his kids will never be the same, what is it going to take for people to smarten up??!!

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