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Hello all; this has to be the worst year i could ever remember. Going to start from the being june 22 i lost my best friend (more like a mother to me) to cancer
and in all this time both me and my hubby had lost our jobs as well

July 23 one month one day of losing my friend.i had got up about 8am went out to the kitchen when i didnt see my suv i had asked hubby had he heard from krystal which was my stepdaughter but she was just like one of my own 3 kids. he told me no and i told him when that girl got home i was taking the keys, she had been driving my suv around we both talked hard to her about drinking and driving in it she kept telling us that she wasnt that she would park it at a friends place and ride with them, well it was about 10:00am me and my hubby was going to do a job for our landlord to help pay rent. i had went out to the car to get something hubby was in shed getting what we would had to use and i heard a car pull up i looked up thinking it was her and it was a trooper my 1st thought was my 16 year son wasnt here (he had been got in some trouble) she walked up to me asking if we could go in my house , i was like ok , she had a stack of papers and i had seen a pic of my licenses i kinda got scare then i asked if i was in trouble and she said no then she told me that my daughter had been in a wreck,, well my daughter was at the table so i know she had been talking about krystal,,, i should had known better to ask but i was like is she ok,, the lady told me no she was gone at that moment all i had in my brain was my hubby and my daughter i knew this was going to kill them 2 and i was just heartbroken.

the trooper went into telling us somewhat had happen. krystal 23 and marion 22 one of her friends had been out all night at this one bar it was about 5:40am when krystal driving my suv had lost control flipping the truck 6 times neither one of the girls was wearing a seatbelt. both girls was throw out krystal came out 1st on the sec.roll flying about 125 ft marion came out on the 3rd roll flying about 40ft krystal died on the scene marion was still alive taking to the hosp. where she died 10 days later on aug.03,09, both girls had been drunk krystals blood was .19 and marions was .13. that was when our world just turned upside down. so at this point we have just lost 2 very young girls and my best friend within a month, because these 2 girls decided to make the choice they did it cost them their lives. i would give anything to go back and take them keys away from her. but i cant and i can only be glad that them girls didnt cause and anybody else to lose their lives in this drinking and driving wreck.

just so happens we wasnt though with the deaths sept.25 my hubby stepdad had just drop died and then on oct 21 my hubby lost his grandfather i know they was drinking and driving deaths but it just bought back the pains from the 1st 3 deaths,, so our lives has been a living nightmare

death is a heartache no one can heal__love is a memory no one can steal

marion is on the left krystal is on the right

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