Its not fair he was only 16 years old

by Leona Headley
(Rogers Ark)

Matthew and I have been best friends since the day I met him in second grade and ever since after that we have hung out a lot during those times,we even went to the same school all throughout our elementary and middle school years, then when we got in high school he had to go to a different school than me. then we just hung out on the weekends when he wasnt with his girlfriend or didnt have to work. But on our almost Junior year during the summer of June 29,2009 about 8:00 or 8:30 he was on his way to my house when he had gotten hit by a drunk driver who had just at that moment swerved from the other lane and had flipped his car over the side of the bridge coming from Huntsville Arksansas. I didnt know anything about it until his mom called me crying a lot and when I asked her what was wrong she said he is dead and at first I didnt know who she was talking about until she said Matthew is dead. And my first thought after I got done through crying for my best friend was Why God? Why couldnt you have protected him and have kept him alive for? Why are you doing this to me for? And a month after I had turned 17 he would have turned 17 years old and now Im 18 and I am a Senior and he will not be here with me to graduate but I also moved from that house because of a few reasons and another reason is I cant stand that bridge anymore. I loved him like he was my little brother because he was a month younger than I was. How can God take this life of this really happy teenaged Christian's Life away from him before he can even graduate from high school and before he can even turn 18 years old? Why did he have to take him away from me and all of his loved ones?

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