It's not fair!!!!

by Alexandra
(Toronto ontario Canada)

My Uncle Alvin was the nicest man ever, He lived in New york and was about 60 years old.he had a daughter that he loved very dearly. She loved him so much she was going to get married and was her dad was sooooooooo proud of her. Then one day everything changed. My Uncle woke up at 4:00 in the morning and got ready for work. he kissed his wife good bye and sayed he'd be back too give her a kiss while she would be awake. He got in his car and backed out the driveway then onto the road. Then he stoped. Drove back home and gave his wife 2 more kisses, said I love you. He left again too work. On the way a drunk driver was coming his way. The other driver crashed into him. Sadly his body was burnt unconditionally. Unfortunately the Driver survived.
Today my Mom & Dad are going too his funeral in new york. Today wonder if his wife could have that kiss when he went home. I wonder what would happen if he saw his daughter get married. I wonder what would happen if we could all say goodbye for the last time. But the thing that hurts me the most is that thease drivers are still out there.

So i'm really very sorry
That you had to die
you didn't have to go
we diden't have to crie

But but thers nothing that can change it
nothing we can do
the angle might of told you
now you know that it is true

we are sorry of what has happened
and I may only be eleven
but i know were you have gone
and you have gone to heaven

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