Jacob Hansley and Kelsey Mcgrady

by alyssa thompson

It was spring break 2010. Three of my friends and I decided we were going to take a road trip to Chicago to visit my god daughter and one of our closest friends. We were about an hour away from Kansas and on our third case of beer when we pulled into a gas station. After we all handled our business we got back in the car and we were on our way. We stopped at a red light when we were about to pull on the highway. we looked around and didn’t see any cops and decided we were going to run the light. Being drunk we all thought it was funny until a car came around the corner and smashed into the passenger’s side of the car. The car flipped over and went off the side of the road. Luckily the car wasn’t going that fast. We never made it to Chicago. my best friend lost her unborn child.

The other car lost there three year old son.

I went to the funeral a couple of weeks later and paid my respect’s the family. They told me they were glad that I came. I didn’t understand what they meant by that until they sat me down and told me what had been going on. Their son had tumor in his heart and was slowly dying a little more every day. Although our actions were careless, we put their son Jacob out of misery. He wouldn’t ever have the chance to live a happy, healthy, normal life. Although they grieved for the loss of their son they knew they would see him again

this incident cost not only a family alot of pain but also one of my closest friends we were all being dumb and stupid but we learned our lesson. i still keep in touch with the family and go with them once a year to pay my respects to Jacob. he would have been six now and is truly missed.

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Sep 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

i never said i was proud of our actions...and i sure didnt say that i was happy about what we did im not condoning our actions or trying to make what we did right or justify it. there is no right in the actions we made and i cant take it back but i learned from that mistake and i wont ever do it again. im sorry if it sounded as if i was proud of my actions or not regreatful but it is one of the dummest mistakes i made in my whole life and the Jacobs family is not happy with me for taking there son's life they just forgive beacuse the lord allows them too.

Sep 21, 2011
I can't believe your story
by: Anonymous

I am not sure what to make of your story, you almost sound proud that you helped murder child. (It almost seems as if you are making up this story. How is it that six years have passed and the accident happened in 2010?) There are things like heart transplants that could have saved Jacob and he could have lived a normal happy life. I am not sure why you think you did a good thing. You are so VERY lucky the family forgave you, I wouldn't have regardless of the health of my child because there was still precious time I would have been able to spend with him. You took that from Jacob's family.

However, you do not mention anything about your friend and her grief over losing her unborn baby in the accident. I bet she wasn't so forgiving. It seems like you are very flippant to this situation and the fact people lose family members hourly to this careless act.

Just reading your story actually makes me kind of mad. My Uncle died 7-7-77, my cousin died 4-21-1995, another cousin and all of her family (5 people) died 8-25-2003 and they were all murdered by drunk drivers.

Next time you tell your story have a bit more compassion towards victims of the stupidity of drunk drivers and not pride in yourself for showing guilt and remorse.

Sep 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I want to applaud you for your actions, as far as having enough gutts to go the funeral of 3 year old Jacob, that took a lot of gutts...BUT, you didn't put him out his misery!!! Your stupidy killed him..What if he didn't have a tumor??? You don't decide when someone dies...Understand the difference...You almost are condoning your drunken stupity as some kind of mercenary action...God would have handled Jacobs situation, not you...I'm sorry your friend lost her baby, but why was she drinking to begin with?? and my heart goes out to Jacobs family, and I'm sure or I hope you've all learned a lesson...I'm not trying to give anyone a hard time, I really just want everyone to know how dangerous drinking and drinking is...I understand we all make mistakes, but to glorify your actions, own the responisiblity of taking a 3 year olds life and and unborn childs life...You didn't do anyone a favor...

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