Janet Cocke, Hermosa Beach/Torrance, CA January 2, 1983

by Erin Alpine
(Torrance, CA, USA)

My best friend in High School, South High School, Torrance, CA, was heading to Alpine Village batting cages, with another friend from West High School, Jennifer Barnes. Shortly after 5:00 pm on Sunday January 2, 1983 they were traveling East on Torrance Blvd. They stopped at the their red ligh signal at Vermont - just shy of arriving at their destination. When the light turned green, they proceded across Vermont Blvd...........

An old model large Chevy Impala, never even attempting to break for the red light South on Vermont at Torrrance Blvd, plowed right through the Cadillac Seville Jennifer was driving. The impact was so back, it ended up jack-knifing their car, killing both girls, not only killing but leaving their bodies in a mangled, dismembered position. Needless to say this made ID on the girls by the families horrific compounded upon the loss and killing of two 18 year old young ladies with a whole life ahead of them.

He was driving with no license or ID, and was intoxicated 10 x the legal limit. He was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from his car through the windshield and landed in the intersection only to sustain minor fractures and bruises.

Cars are weapons, and every day we hear of accidents killing innocent folks. It is often the case that these "killers" are driving with either "no" license, or a "suspended" licence, or "just hop in their weapon high on Drugs and/or Alcohol" and in a blink of an eye, lives are changed tragically and like a domino, lives that would have been, never become, and no one is ever the same again. It's a domino effect, and all it takes is one person behind the wheel to knock down the first one.

Rest in Peace Janet and Jennifer.....I have not forgotten you, nor ever will. Everytime I pass the intersection at Torrance Blvd, and Vermont I say a prayer, and think of you......

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