Jeff L. Bondy, Chicago, Il 08/10/08

by Kelley Bondy
(Chicago, Il)

Jeff's Harley ride to Dekalb

Jeff's Harley ride to Dekalb

August 10,2008 just 2 days after our twins 11th Birthday, Jeff was killed on his motorcycle on his way to work on a Sunday afternoon at 3:33. Jeff was struck opposite by a Drunk Driver with, yes, 5 DUI's. This man kept going and dragged my husband even with people running and banging on his window. He never turned his head. To make matters worse my son and I were in the backyard when he left. He came back, because he forgot his leather. Jeff left again wearing his leather and helmet, then just minutes after turning the corner, my son and I heard the crash. My son ran yelling "Mom." But my heart sank and I went into shock. I told him it was not Dad as we heard the Fire trucks. I did run for the phone and called his cell which went into v-mail. I tried to protect my kids and went into denial until the Detective came to our door with the black bag you never want to see. I fell to my knees and cried as my twins ran out to see why I was crying.

My husband, my first love and wonderful father of our twins was brutally killed by a Drunk Driver who really to this day could care less.
There was a great man who helped lift the car off Jeff and who held his hand as
he took his last breath and died from his injuries. My heart died that day with him. Jeff will be buried off the USS Enterprise on their next tour and is at
Norfolk, Va. awaiting his burial at Sea his wish.
3 years of fighting I had to write Dick Devine to have misdemeanor charges upgraded to 5 felonies, because the police waited 4 hours to test him. I found a name card my husband kept in his desk I never saw that had my name and in Gaelic my name in big letters said " Warrior Woman." Yes I fought hard for my husband and after 3 years the judge found him guilty and is serving 8 years.
We will forever miss and think about Jeff every moment of the day and our twins are growing up to be such great kids. Both are in the Navy Rotc and are following Dad's footsteps. We will see you again Jeff. This man may have taken your life, but he will not take away the eternity we will get to spend with you when we see you again.

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Apr 23, 2012
Thank You NEW
by: Kelley Bondy


I am sorry I did not see your comment sooner. Today would have been Jeffs 50th Birthday. You know the pain and loss and I am also sorry you have had to go through the pain. I too have people say " Oh well you have to move on." They are not in our situation so they will never ever understand our pain! I actually defriended a so called friend on facebook for making the comment that we were whining over Jeff and to get over it????? Very shallow considering we were still going through a trial. People do say stupid things. I even had one guy tell a group of us he lost his job because he got caught with a Dui and he laughed about it, as I cried leaving the room!
As my advocate through AAIM says, they are not in our club. It is a club you dont want to be in, but I did meet many nice people who were just like us.
I do feel your pain and you are correct, they will never have the just punishment for their crime. They will have to face God! The man who killed Jeff while out on bond was driving around past our home with no license! I caught him and yelled at him banging on his window to get out of the car and that he killed my husband! He got caught but a slap on the wrist until the trial. I could write a book!
Drunk Drivers really do get away with murder in Illinois. If this was California it would be different. We need the manslaughter law here!
Take care and dont give up the fight! We will never forget either!

God Bless,


Mar 08, 2012
Sounds familiar NEW
by: Suzanne

Hi Kelly,

I'd like to say first I'm so sorry for your loss...Secondly, I don't know where we get the strength, but it comes, and it isn't until after it's all over WE realize what we've done...My husband was also on is motorcycle when he was killed by a drunk driver, whom by the way decided he couldn't handle jail or being locked up for the SHORT time he would have gotten, so he fled the country....he was not American and went home to his family...I fought, hard and long and still am for this man to take responsiblity for what he did....I have exhausted all avenue's in this case, and have come to know that this man may, no he will never do "JAIL" time, but he will anwser to a higher power at some point...Like you, this man had no idea he even killed my husband, and had to be brought back to the accident scene, (he lived right down the road) When he woke up in jail, he had no idea WHY he was there....My husbands killer, was known as the town drunk...So I ask, WHY!!! WHY THE HELL WAS A MAN THAT was CHARGED 5 TIMES FOR DUI'S EVEN DRIVING and ALLOWED to kill your husband, AND AS FAR AS THE TOWN DRUNK....WAS IT FUNNY TO WATCH HIM WALK OUT OF THE BAR STUMBLING....IT WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SO FUNNY IF IT WAS THEIR FAMILY HE KILLED....anyone that is reading this, please!! please!! don't let anyone drink and our stories!!! see what our lives are like because someone was irresponsilby..Kelly my husband was killed April 16th 2006....I still cry every day!! I still miss him, it doesn't get better as most people like to tell you to make you feel better, (by the way if anyone out there is reading this PLEASE STOP saying that!!!) It doesn't get better, it gets different!!! there isn't a holiday that isn't sad, there isn't a birthday that goes by a wedding a birth that your not sad that the person you love isn't with you to share these things!!! I'm sorry Kelly I got off your story and started telling my own..I just want to tell EVERYONE reading these post to please be smart...don't let this happen to you or don't be the one to do THIS to another changes in an instant...I wish you all the best Kelly, I hope you can find peace and some happiness in your life, and one day, you'll see your husband again...God Bless.

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