Jessica Miller. poughkeepsie ny. july 31st 2011

by Amanda miller
(hyde park, Ny)

the day of the accident my sister was coming from a pool party she was with her boyfriend and his friend. her boyfriend was driving but it wasnt his car it was his friends and why he let him drive we have no clue. but my sister's boyfriend was blind in one eye, had no license or permit. He was going 80 miles and hour around a 15 mile an hour turn and lost control of the car. They hit 2 trees. My sister died instantly. Her boyfriend was sitting in the drivers seat when the paramedics, firefighters and cops came he only got a broken jaw. his friend was found under the passengers side of the car he had several broken bones, a kidney removed and has to under go therapy to walk again. in order to get my sister out they had to take the whole roof off it took 3 hours for them to do that. my sister was crushed from head to toe. she was unrecognizable. We had to have a closed casket for her. Her one wish was to be cremated so we did that for her.

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Oct 05, 2011
sad tragic loss
by: Monique Williams

Im so sorry for your tragic loss, it is difficult to loss someone let alone to something so senseless as this, I know my brother was killed 2 yrs ago by a drunk driver, he was only 34 and had 3 babies, a loving family and many friends.

how awful to have to witness your loved one in such horrible shape, so very sad. take care of yourself.

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