Jordan Aris Rashaun Jackson 20, Kankakee, Illinois November 11th 2010

by Carly

It was a few hours after his birthday had ended, he had just turned 20 earlier that night on November 10th 2010. He filled up his friend's gas tank to go drive him to see another friend. His friend was drunk and they made it 34 miles before the driver crashed going 71 miles per hour around a 35 mile an hour curve going into a small town, it was 4am. They hit the only tree large enough in the area to do major damage, the car was wrapped around the tree on Jordan's passenger side and Jordan was killed instantly due to major head trauma. The driver's blood alcohol limit came up as .29, Jordan's toxicology report showed he had barely anything to drink at all and probably had his last drink at about 11pm. He was my little brother and he was taken away from me by a monster. When you drink and drive you should be charged with premeditated murder, because you know what risks you are taking and you are gambling with other's lives. Not only are you playing Russian roulette with YOUR life, you are playing it with any passengers, pedestrians, and other travelers lives, not to mention the hell suffered by the loved ones of the victim. The man who did this survived the accident with hardly a scrape or injury. He should be dead or imprisoned for life. He was in prison for less than 4 months and is out partying again but none of his friends will turn him in. He has killed is free to kill again. He was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and he was getting smarter every day. He was the most beautiful and amazing person I ever met and he had the most incredible sense of humor and was incredibly charismatic, and I will never see him again and the pain will never go away. I often think about driving my own car into that same tree because it hurts so bad...

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Apr 03, 2012
jj NEW
by: daniel j rowley

RIP JJ...... i had no clue ive been tryna find him i was at arrowhead ranch with him sorry may his soul rest in peace

May 21, 2011
Sorry for your loss..
by: Anonymous

I lost a friend to a drunk driver, because the drunk driver hit him head on, and killed him instantly....You can't blame the driver for it all...Your brother had a choice to get in the car. Even though your heart aches everyday you can't replace him. You just have to learn to forgive the individual who wrecked when he was driving while intoxicated. No one says you have to forget, but the hate you have to let go. And the individual may be out partying, but even though you think he lives freely and it's not bothering him. It may be wearing him down daily. He may have survivor's guilt. But to wish the worst to him is no way to be at peace with yourself for what happened to your brother. Everything happens for a reason even when we don't want it to.

May 10, 2011
One day at a time
by: Suzanne


I'm so sorry for your loss, I understand the pain you feel, I understand the anger you feel, I too lost someone I loved more than life to a drunk driver...The man that killed my husband, decided when he bonded out of jail, to flee the country, because he couldn't handle jail's a mere hicup in their lives to do some time for what that CHOOSE to do, (drink and drive) WHERE we have lost a family member FOREVER, no more holidays, no more birthdays, no more ANYTHING....I'm writing to you, because I was concerned about your last comment....I lost my husband 5 years ago, and I got real busy tring to die myself, and I won't get into how the fact of the matter is...When I realized, it's not what he would want..I heard my husband whisper in my ear about 8 months ago...5 years, is long enough, you need to live your life, I'll see you again when it's time, it's not time....I think your brother would not want to see you in heaven...Not now..remember your brother, love your brother, honor your brother by never drinking and driving or getting into a car with someone who has been...Carry the message for your brother, from your brother....Live Life in his honor....He wouldn't want you to die in his honor...Time doesn't make it go away, it just changes how you deal with it...The pain is always there. But, it does get different...I will never tell you it gets better...Just different...God Bless I wish you all the best, and I've very sorry for your loss....

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