josslyn dinoso-brooks, rialto california, june 29, 2008

by glenda brooks
(cypress ca)

My daughter josslyn was killed by a drunk driver when we were out for a Sunday morning/afternoon bikeride. Involved in the crash was myself josslyn age 23 months my son gavin age 11 monthsand their father. The 2 kids were strapped into the bike trailer attached to their fathers bike as I rode my bike behind them. All of a sudden I hear a loud crash from behind us. Thinking it was 2 cars in an accident I turned around to keep riding. Only to turn around again and see the silver H of the honda symbol about 10 feet behind me. That is all I remember. In the hospitals emergency room I was told that we were hit by a drunk driver that my son gavin was with me at that hospital and their dad was at another hospital with minor injuries but josslyn didn't make it. It turns out the guy was 3 times the legal limit and was going 72 mph when he hit us because he was running from a minor fender bender he had caused a few miles back. My son gavin spent a week in the hospital after receiving surgery to repair a fractured skull and to remove the peices that were putting pressure on his brain. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks withmultiple broken bones and internal injuries and major concussion. Unfortunately my daughter didn't make it to see her 2nd birthday on july 18. Instead of a party that day we had a funeral. To make matters worse and what is delayiing my grieving process is that 3 years later I am still going through court hearings and still waiting for him to be sentanced. Although everything was caught on the school districts surveylance camera he keeps changing public defenders and it keeps putting off the time. Anyways.....I am still sad and hurting and I wish that people would think about the pain that you put us through when u decide u are going to drive drunk and destroy someones family.

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Sep 15, 2011
I am so sorry
by: OfficerAmanda

What a terrible awful horrible thing to have happen to you. I am glad your boy survived but am heartbroken for you losing your wee girl.

I pray your court proceedings will commence and conclude quickly so that you can at least move past that part of this awful journey.

I am so sorry. I wish this hadn't happened to you.

Aug 10, 2011
I know were your comming from
by: Tanya Bishop

I know and feel your pain it's been 4 years now since a drunk drive hit our family car while we were parked in a truck pull out on the side of the highway I don't know if you read my story or not their was my husband mike our 2 sons Richard was 9 Brian was 5 it was later and we were waiting on a tow truck I unbuckled the kids and laid them on the back seat to sleep when a truck with a drunk driver behind the wheel hit us . Brian our 5 yr old was killed everyone on the scene had to get counseling no one knew their was children in the car till the jaws of life ripped our car apart I woke up months later along with my husband and our oldest son Richard . To hear the tragic news that brain didn't make it .....I'm from Canada were the laws suck the man who hit us was caught 6 times for drinking and driving cause he kill someone this time he lost his licneces and was sentences to 12 years in jail he was released after 18 months I was still in the hospital learning to walk and talk all over again ..... So I know your pain I never ever drank a day in my life and a alcohol ruined it .... If you ever needs to talk here is my email address you can also find me on face book along with our son his facebook is rip Brian bishop and mine is Tanya Bishop I feel your pain I'm 34 and have been left disabled got screwed by our government our insurance we were the only ones who had any we can Jo longer work and we were left screwed don't settle right away know your rights fight for the LOss of your child be their voice our government gave us and any child under the age of 19 who gets kills a check for $1000 I was insulted I rather of gotten a card that said sorry for your loss ..... I'm sorry for all you been through I know the rd is tough but hang in their god bless you and your family forever in my thoughts Tanya Bishop

Aug 10, 2011
I understand
by: Suzanne


My God, I'm so sorry about your daughter. I read these stories, EVERY day, you would think some how or another the word would get through to people not to drink and drive...I understand your pain, the court process! what a joke, right, the man that killed my husband, fled the country, I begged the judge, I had over 1000 letters from friends and family asking not to lower the bond, he was flight risk...Well, the day he was suppose to make his PLEA, guilty or not guilty, he decided he couldn't make it....So, we were left with no closure...It's been 5 1/2 years since my husband was killed, and I've just woke up so to speak. I've been numb ever since. All I can say to you is stay strong...Make this man take responsiblity for what he matter how long the process...It will never bring your baby back, but at least you'll know he had to take responsiblity for his actions...Weather he want's to or not...There is never enough justice for the victims remember that...I wish you all the best. Once again I'm so sorry for your loss...

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