Julie Ann Webster (25yrs old) Bellefonte, Pa. July 25, 2010

by Cynthia Webster
(Bellefonte, PA)

Julie and boyfriend of 3 months were out at the bar. Boyfriend (highly intoxicated)(marijuana and an other drug in his system). Julie had 4 beers (hours) before the crash. And old boyfriend called Julie which made this boyfriend very angry he took her car keys then demanded her to get in her car. Then he sped out of the parking lot. The road was a straight away. He traveled at over 100 MPH. Came around a turn lost control the car then went down an embankment then the car flipped for 380' end over end. Officers said Julie remained in the car till the last flip she was thrown over a 6ft. high chain link fence. A young man witness the crash called the police. He went over to see if they were okay. If it weren't for him no one would have seen the crash till morning so because of this young man saved the boyfriends life. Both were life flighted to a hospital 60 miles away..Julie died in route but the hospital was able to revive her for 2 more hours, she then died of blunt force trauma to her right side (her liver was crushed, and she had a punchered lung). He had a broken nose, a collapseed lung, and had surgery to remove his spleen.

He has no remorse for killing Julie, said it was just an accident and is pleading not Guilty. He is in Jail right now on a 300 thousand dollar bond. His original attorney stepped down. And since got a public defender that has requested a continuance which were for other charges from 2009. which the jury will not be appointed till December in which the jury for Julie's death will be the same time frame. In which we were told might be continued till March so his attorney can obtained information for the trial in his defense. This will put the trail out almost 2 years from the death of my daughter.
The horror of my Husband and I was we didn't find out about Julie till 2 hours after she died. Our door bell rang at 7AM Husband went down to answer. 2 officers asked to come in and the one said to my husband I'm here to inform you your daughter Julie is dead! I came down the stairs husband was sitting down and he told me to sit down I said whats wrong no answer is it Julie Husband said yes I said: is she dead the officer said yes..I can't begin to tell you how devastated I was (Julie lived with us 16 months after college she struggled to find a job in her field to become a drug and alcohol counselor that when she finally came home she was 25 years old). From then on what you have to do is unbearable..and the sorrow is extremely heart wrenching. This tragedy has left us and her 3 siblings in such disarray and left us with such a feeling of hopeless. We are a close family Julie was so loved (she was the youngest) and missed beyond words! We have since facebooked in her honor (Justice for Julie) to try and get the word out not to drink and drive. and a web site www.justice4julie.comm We have set up and given money for a scholarship in her name. And donated also in her name to MADD. Our next step is we plan on working to change the drunk driving laws in PA. Soon!

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