July 9th 2011 about 1:50 am

by Brianna

I had a friend Randy Harvison of Holden Missouri get involved in a wreck with three of our other friends one being the driver. Randy was ejected out of the back window and died instantly. My boyfriend got a call about 1:50 am as he walked inside at a party we were at and said "There has been an accident, Randy Harvison is dead" EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE started screaming and running! My boyfriend went to the scene! Randy wasnt wearing his seatbelt and his younger brother found him after he had also left the party I was at and went to go home but got the call. The only way the cops knew who he was, was due to the people that were with him. You couldnt even tell who he was! We had a candle light service last night about 100 people attended including the cop that showed up at the scene! Randy was a brother, grandson, son, & bestfriend! We all stepped out and said what we remembered of him! It was a beautiful night and I do believe he was there! Its so hard loosing someone in such a way but I pray that EVERY teenage will think twice before going out and partying, leaving, NOT wearing a seat belt, and NOT going to McDonalds BUT home...Better yet if you drink JUST STAY THERE! We lost A BESTFRIEND 2 nights ago...And this week is only dragging on!

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