Just bad luck ...

by Jessica

when my mum was about 31 she was carring my older sister ... my dad had been drinking that day and got into an argument with my mum ... everything span out of control when my dad started swaying and evantually the car flew of the side and ling my mum got out just ... when she went to hospital she had found the baby was dead to this day she still weeps as my dad is still in prison after attempted murder i am now 21 and my dad has been in for 6 years i hope hes stays in there edited...

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Jun 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think whom ever wrote this article should stop and
think before they accuse of them of telling a fib about something this tragic.something could
very well happen to you

Mar 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

If your mom had been carrying your older sister, and your dad has been in prison for 6 years, you would not be alive, let alone 21.

You would not have been alive for the accident, and your father would have been arrested at that time. Therefore, he would not have been able to inpregnate your mother.

Oct 18, 2008
Not right.....
by: Anonymous

I read all the stories so very sad....here one day gone the next...I to lost my son ...how do u go on?? why him and not me???

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