Justice for Andre' Demond Queen

by Elisa Williams-Smith
(Gonzales, La.)

Andre’Demond Queen
June 10, 1994 - April 6, 2008

Andre’ (affectionately known as Dre’) was a kind hearted person who loved continuously.
He was always willing to give of himself.
He loved his parents and he was very close to his mother.
He was and will always be “mama’s baby”.
He loved hanging out with his family and friends, going to the movies, listening to music, attending church with his mother, and playing his favorite sports with his best friend LaDarius Favorite, whom he played his last basketball game with on Friday 04-04-08.
He also enjoyed playing football, which he was a team member of the Dutchtown Middle School.
He adored his three nephews and looked up to his two big brothers. Andre’ was able to leave an impression on many lives. He had a contagious smile that could illuminate any room. Who would have known that Saturday 04-05-08 would be the last movie my baby would see?
Andre’s life was ended by an individual who decided to make a careless decision and have two margaritas, in addition to taking more than (5) five different types of medications. It is amazing how life works, considering all that, he was uninjured and still living his life enjoying his family. I now only have two of my three sons left; my baby boy never got the chance to see his 14th birthday.
He never got the chance to play his freshmen year basketball nor football, and I wonder sometimes what it would have been like to see my youngest son, Andre’ Demond Queen, grow up and become an adult.
Well, sorry to say, but I will never experience those things with him.
All I can do is pray that others hear Andre’s story and decide NOT to make the same careless and irresponsible decision that has taken my son away from me forever

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