Kanga, Kel, Lance and Beatles

by youknow
(el paso tx)




My 4 best friends. The only light in my life got taken from everyone that loved the on November 12, 2009...
i look at my tattoo everyday and its not comparable to the scar in everyone's hearts...
they had a night of fun in the desert and it just so happens that some of our other friends were in another vehicle but still with them that night...
I will never know exactly what happened that night but one of our friends was put to blame for causing my friends to over correct and get hit by oncoming traffic at around 1am in far east el paso TX. that night i couldnt sleep something felt wrong and when i finally made my self sleep at around three am i get woken up almost three hours later with a call telling me my 4 friends are gone..
they were kids...so much to live for and it just got torn away by a bad decision..
i miss you everyday kids..
i know we will meet again and i know you were all meant to go together cause youre "family"
Brian chavez, Ashley gonzalez, Jesse acosta and Lance mireles you are deeply missed....

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