Katelyn Lee fisher

My sister kate was killed by a head on collision with a drunk driver THANKSGIVING 2010. She had just got off a late shift and was headed home from NAU to see the family for thanksgiving. The driver was going the wrong way at 80 MpH and Kate had no way to avoid the crash. She slipped into a coma for two days before passing away thanksgiving morning. We found out Kate was 2 months pregnant from the doctors.Due to one man's selfish decision my 7 year old sister maddie and I will never see my sister again. Kates fiance will never kiss his bride or hold his child. MY parents have lost their daughter and my sister never got to have a wedding or see her baby. MY three daughters will never meet their aunt. I LOST MY BEST FRIEND THAT DAY AND MY FAMILY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

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