Kaylee Kypknezy geys killed in horrible drunk driving hit and run. ( May 12, 2008) Stanwood, WA

A few years ago i was 15 and my best friend was hit by a drunk driver. We were crossing the road and i had just made it out of the way a a truck that was speeding came around the corner and hit her and just kept going. She was stuck on the grill of the big ford truck i chased the truck for awhile and watched pieces of her body come off. After about five minutes i knew she was gone... The rest of her body was laying in the middle of the road. I knelt down next to her and prayed and cried. That was by far the worst day of my life. It has never been the same since she got hit. The guy that hit her was caught a few hours later in a ditch, he only got 3 months in jail... three months for murder now your telling me that drinking and driving is okay? no one should ever get into a car while their intoxicated. I don't care if they've had half a drink or two drinks. stop drinking and driving and hurting america's innocent people.

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