Kelli Laine Lewis - ZERO "justice" SC SUCKS!

by Pam Taylor
(Tega Cay, SC)

Bumper Sticker.  i wont let this state forget my baby girl

Bumper Sticker. i wont let this state forget my baby girl

My only daughter Kelli Laine Lewis was killed at age 18 by TWO underage drunk drivers AND 3 morons that sold alcohol to teens for profit. My child's life was given a $5.00 price tag. The cost to drink at a keg party in the "adults" home in Rock Hill South Carolina.

Kelli begged for her life that night as the two cars raced on impulse after leaving the moron's house.

All three in the car Kelli was a passenger in, died on Gold Hill Rd in Fort Mill South Carolina. All were almost 3 times over the legal limit. They were all minors.

We will never know what the other minor's BAC was because it's ok to test dead passengers-- but not the underage drunk driver racing them. The "trooper" stated that while he knew the MINOR had been drinking, he hoped it made me feel better that he didn't let the kid drive his own car home and instead allowed him to "call a friend".

No, SCHP Trooper, that really did not make me feel any better to know that you didn't do the job you are PAID to do when you let an underage drunk driver who was drag racing which resulted in the deaths of THREE people--- leave the scene and didn't even give him a speeding ticket. WTF?!!!!!!!!

ahh but how could you charge him when after all, your own report reads "Erich declined to be interviewed" I guess we know who is in charge in the state of South Carolina. An underage drunk driver. Not the South Carolina Highway Patrol. No wonder this state is 2nd in the nation for DUI fatalities!

Anyone want to know some dirty lil secrets about South Carolina?

1) SCHP is the only state in the nation that do NOT carry a field breathalyzer!

2) SC makes the HP try their own DUI cases. I kid you not. IF (trust me, it's a big IF) a trooper and/or police issue a DUI, they must then go up against a seasoned DUI defense attorney (scum of the earth) who has been to law school while the trooper/police have NOT. So of course the sleazy defense atty is going to make a total fool of the trooper & humiliate him/her and of course the drunk driver will get a plea deal and never be charged for DUI. What trooper in their right mind would want to issue a DUI? Certainly not the ones working the night my child was killed.

3) As stated on this site- there is no 'per se law' here in SC, so guess what? it's not even considered at crime when a drunk driver is over the legal limit!

again, no wonder this state is 2nd in the nation for DUI fatalities!!!

Don't let me forget to mention TWO of the other state agencies in South Carolina that couldn't have cared less about the deaths of our THREE children.

SLED, which is the South Carolina Legal Enforcement Division (joke!) couldn't find the house where the ADULTS promoted, provided and profited off the selling of a lethal drug illegally to MINORS.

Ok, so while Jason's (one of the other boys that died) father and I are in the midst of the deepest pain any person can ever know-- we are out doing the state's job for them. WE found the house on our own and gave SLED the names of several of the other teens that were there that night also drinking.

We even came up with pictures of teens (including Kelli) inside THAT house on THAT night with bottles of alcohol lined up on a table! ahh but SLED was unable to interview the 'adults' because they too, refused to be interviewed. nice huh?!

SLED is not complying with the 'Freedom of information act' by holding out on photo's they took at the adults house of the empty beer kegs out in front of the moron's house and other information "they cant find" but that's ok, I've seen enough and I honestly wouldn't expect anything less from these Barney's.

I also found out the other underage drunk driver (that lived) went into a gas station AFTER the trooper let him call his buddy to pick him up from the crash scene-- where he was on video and audio talking about the race and crash while trying to purchase more beer with a fake ID. So I sent SLED to the gas station to obtain the tapes. They came back and told me there was nothing on the tapes.

huh? how can that be when the clerk that was working that night told me it was all on tape!

It wasn't until I finally got their 'investigation' report that I noticed--- they went to the wrong gas station. The one they went to wasn't even on the same street of the one I told them to go! it's not like they were both a franchise of the same name. One was a Texaco and the other was a Crown station.

Seriously, Barney Fife could have done a better job for our kids.

The state district attorney, which in the south is called a 'solicitor' (figures)
did not take the case against the ADULTS stating that our "kids actions led to their own demise" duh. we are painfully aware of that. Had the ADULTS not provided our minor children with a lethal drug that is supposed to be illegal for them to have in the first place--- they would not have been three times over the legal limit and Kelli would not have made the last mistake of her life by catching a ride with a kid from high school that had been drinking!

He also told me that there was no proof that the kids drank in that house- they might have gotten the alcohol from somewhere else.

I guess Mr. D.A. forgot what they taught him in law school about 'common sense' and the photo's we had of our kids INSIDE that house. I don't know what the two boys did prior to going to that house-- but I do know exactly what my child did.

Kelli left our house with two girlfriends & went to THAT house and drank. I have the two friends that told me AND law enforcement this fact.

so it's not ok to sell a meth out of your private home-- but in South Carolina-- if it's a drug the state makes money off of-- then it's all good?!!!

You can meet the three morons that helped kill our children by going here
just click on ' the dirty three' tab

you might want to also click on the 'MADD?!!' tab, as true to form for SC,
they also let our 3 families down greatly.

I also have a site for Kelli that is doing what SC refuses to do, make a difference and save some lives.

I will make sure my daughter's life AND death matter in this world!

~Pam Taylor, still Kelli's mom
& yes, I'm still bitter.

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May 24, 2011
God is real
by: Bryan Gathright

You are so right and nothing will bring her back but if I recall if Jesus can forgive why cant you don't let this sour your life there is so much to live for with out living in anger and revenge. Once again I am sorry for your loss and I will pray you find room in your heart to forgive.

Sep 27, 2010
Where's the justice?
by: Dana

I am so sorry for your loss ...I too lost my 18 year old son in March of 09..Killed by a drunk driver with a long history of crime....He will only spend 2 to 3 years in prison and maybe less with GOOD behavior..I am so angry a slap on the wrist in exchange for my son...Where's the justice?????

Jul 12, 2010
SCHP need to be abolished!!
by: Nicole

I found Kelli's page in February--and I have thought of you and Kelli just about everyday since. My daughter was killed on 2-5-2010. The man that killed her TOLD the SCHP that arrived on scene that he had taken hydrocodone TWICE that day. We have the dash cam video--he says he took it TWICE--and the SCHP let him leave the scene without a ticket--without a test--without any thing. To make matters worse--they blamed the crash on Mairi-Caite. She was walking back to her friends house--the friend was unhurt--thank God. This man's family has followed me to this site--harassing me, and bashing my daughter!! Classless--anyway--I am fighting the SCHP--and every time I tell anyone my story--it is immediately followed by yours. I found this site because of you and Kelli--and I will keep you and Kelli in my story. I just wanted you to know that I am going to keep telling your story every time I tell mine. I cannot allow the SCHP to do this to anyone else. You and I happen to be out there--I wonder how many others like us there are that are silent, and swallowed whatever it was that the SCHP fed them? I am in Columbia, and I cannot believe the arrogance of the SCHP and their superiors. It makes me want to puke. If there is anything I can do to help--please let me know. The simple fact that our stories happened 9 years apart, and the SCHP acted no differently in either situation is sickening!! You and Kelli are in my prayers--daily.

(Mairi-Caite's story is on this site too--the South Carolina Highway Patrol Knowingly let Drugged Driver get a way with Murder)

May 07, 2010
by: Angela Santos

OMG...You have got to be kidding me. I am embarrassed to live in a state where the authorities give criminals the right to commit a crime and walk the streets. I was disgusted when I read your story and to tell you the truth "justice has not been served nor cared about in this case".My heart goes out to both families as well as your victims. It makes me sick to see lives taken in this manner when it could have been prevented if those parents had not supplied those children with the drugs. I don't understand what is going on in this world, it frightens me to see what is to come.
Pam I really think its great on how you have not given up on your daughter and still fight for her closure everyday....her killer needs to be behind bars where he belongs and as a mother I can only imagine what you are going through trying to bring justice home for Kelli (as well as the other gentlemen). **KUDOS** and I pray to god he will help us all out and bring "justice" your way!!

Sep 08, 2009
I'm so sorry...
by: Meagan's Mom

I'm so sorry for your loss..
I lost my daughter 3 weeks after she turned 18. She was killed by a lady "HIGH" on drugs, prescription drugs (Methadone, xanax, and 3 other types of drugs)... Because they couldnt do a "Breathalizer" test on her we had to wait until the state got her blood work back from the crime lab. It took 11 months for them to get the bloodwork back and during that time she was out free as a bird to do whatever she wanted to while we grieved for Meagan. During that 11 months she got another DWI charge and drug charge.. She is now serving time in the pen...10 years for my daughters life...NOT FAIR...but at least we have something....
I will pray for you....for your family...and for your angel above...
I'm sorry for your loss....from one that knows...the pain...and hurt...sadness...
May God watch over you....may he help you to win this battle against the they will change their laws....

Sep 06, 2009
Understanding the pain
by: Sara

Florida isn't any better than SC. My son was killed by a drunk driver and there is no justice. There are a bunch of slimey lawyers and judges in our area. I have been trying to fight for justice for 9 years and am getting nowhere. The older the case gets, the harder it becomes...even if the drunk violates parole-which he has. I just can't believe it. I'm so sorry you have had to go through this too.

Aug 26, 2009
Blessings On You
by: Penney

I looked at your sites and cried, I want to applaud you for your tenacity and the focus you are bringing to this issue. 21 Forever is our story and like you I'm angry....very angry and have been staying with every step of the criminal process. I can only hope that Texas utilizes the harsh penalties they have in place rather than probation and a paddy smack, telling him to be good.

Until this, I never imagined how a heart could hurt this bad and survive. I applaud your efforts and wish blessings on you!

Jun 01, 2009
Angel in waiting
by: Anonymous

I came across Kelli's myspace page while snooping through my sons friends profiles, not exactly sure which profile linked me to yours though. It broke my heart but I continued to read every word. So so sad....SC has failed in bringing justice to your family. I hope your story continues to bring awareness to others and hopefully some day, we'll have a "Kelli's Law", where the punishment will fit the crime and the dirty 3 won't be living their lives to the fullest.
God bless you Pam, you're truly an amazing woman. I'll continue to visit Kelli's page and pass the link to everyone I know.Good luck with your fight to do what is right!

May 31, 2009
So Sorry
by: Anonymous

Pam, As you already know my heart goes out to you and your family. My heart also goes out to all the victims of drinking and driving crashes in South Carolina. South Carolina seems to value the lives of the criminals more than victims! You fight for change is awe inspiring but what else can we expect from a mother who was robbed of her child. Kellie is always in the hearts of those who live on.

May 27, 2009
My Deepest Sympathies
by: Debra DeFrain

My deepest sympathies to you and your family in the loss of Kelli. I lost my son on January 4, 2009 however, he was the drunk driver. His story is posted here as "My son was the drunk driver on New Year's eve." I can not believe that you are being victimized a second time by the very system that by it's very nature is suppose to protect the public. My son was at a New Year's eve party, his BAC was 2.0 yes, you read that correctly. The parent's of his friend (hosting the party) felt like he was becoming loud, boisterous and argumentative and asked him to leave. (he was originally suppose to be spending the night there.) He was in a fatal collision 10 minutes after leaving their home. The grief of losing a child is a journey that never ends. The anger that I feel towards the people hosting the party is all consuming. I believe there comes a point of no return for someone that is intoxicated. They are no longer thinking clearly or able to make any type of sound judgement, and it is our responsibility to step in and prevent them from getting behind the wheel of a car and killing innocent victims or themselves. Again, I am so sorry for your loss, and know that I understand the incredible pain and anger that you feel.

May 19, 2009
My Heart Breaks for you
by: Peace2

I am so sorry to read about your daughter being taken from you in this horrible way. I lost my son when he was a baby, 20 years ago, not to a drunk driver. Loosing a child is the worst experience a mother can ever have. The pain never goes away, you just learn how to cope better in time. I know there is nothing that can hurt me like I have been hurt from the death of my child so I am stronger for that. I am also a substance abuse counselor and I work with DUI clients. I often print pictures of victims of drunk drivers and introduce them to my class. I research everything that the loved ones have said about that person and tell my class. They all smile and feel all fuzzy until I tell them that someone just like themselves murdered that precious child. I educate them about alcohol and drug effects and have each of them sign a waiver stating that they understand that if they kill someone while intoxicated that they will be charged with murder and will serve 55 years to life in prison. I send you a big hug from a mother who feels your pain. God Bless!

Apr 21, 2009
Drunk riding is just as deadly, I know it's how my brother was killed. Ur story hits way to close to home 4 me!!!
by: Anonymous

This is Lorri Standley, I read your page on alcoholalert, I left you some info on my brothers sign design my brothers magnetic signs that read: My son, brother, sister, friend, uncle, etc you get the Idea yes they are made for the person and whom was killed, back to the signs, mine reads
MY BROTHER WAS KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER!!!!! it is black and red with tears of red and I have one on both my car doors, my side and passenger. It is a way to let the people of your state not forget what happened or HOW it happened to your daughter.. MY brothers Name is Dan WEST his # is 1541 496-3820 his cell is 541 784-8135 or you can reach us threw my # as well 541 637-6611cell hm is 541 496-0473 I really hope to hear from you. My mom is also a MADD advocate now in our county. She goes to all the DUII conferences she may be of some help to you to get the D.a.'s ass in gear. Her name is Beth West. She will be out a town untill late next week but my brother Danny is home.. You can look threw my pic's as well I know I have pic's of my car signs on a little write up from the paper on my brother Dan who made the signs. We have them out now in about 12 states... It's really cool. I hope you look into it. Still being bitter is also very normal. I'm not sure when it happened but my brother David was killed on Jan 14th 2006 and I am still bitter, lonely, depressed, ANGRY, Mad, sad, still want answers that I know I'll never get. Our guy the driver did go to prison but it was rough to put him there, My mom & I did allot of door knocking and D.a. pounding. I think they prosecuted the case to get rid of us, no joke... Just take one day at a time. Good luck and I hope you get somewhere with your localcops:{

Apr 21, 2009
So sorry for your pain.
by: Anonymous

I would like to 1st tell you how sorry I am for ur pain. I had my brother stolen from me on my 35th B'Day by a drunk driver. Also Our state Oregon does not carry breathalizer either. Crazy huh. I beleive we went thru the same B.S. w/ our local yocals not doing there job and found that my mom & I did allot of it for them. Please look into my brothers email page called dans reallitycheck@ glide cable .com he has made custome ordered signs Mine reads My brother was Killed by a drunk driver, Our moms reads MY "son" they are magnetic and go on the driver and passenger doors of ur cars.. You would be surprised how often we get asked about the signs and my brother designed them out of pain and the lack of knowledge or information.... Pls feel free to write me back. My name is Lorri Standley

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