Kelly Gilmore ; Chickasha , Oklahoma & It Was October 22 , 2005

by Kayla Gilmore
(Witchita , Kansas)

My name is Kayla Gilmore , And my Aunt Kelly died in a motorcycle accident on October 22 , 2005. She has 3 wonder chidren that love and miss her dearly.

One day she went out with my Uncle Roy Gilmore. And they was both intoxicated! They Happened to wreck & she was the one that got killed in the situation. She was not the driver , She was on the back of the motorcycle. She wass a crazy & loving person. Her Mothers name is Glenda Mccguire And she has a sister named Jennifer Stephens. We all love and miss her very much & wish it wouldnt have happened. but ; God does things for a reason.
-Kayla Gilmore ; November 21 , 2011 <3

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Jan 17, 2014
best mother ever
by: austin

This is her oldest boy 18 now brand new truck with my own little girl allmost a year im doing wonderfull still wish she was her but he was goin 75 around a corner so I will allways blame him for her incedent hes never told me sorry so I fell sorry for him he got 5years in pen for mansloughter should got life he took my one and only mother and I still love her dearly and miss her every day one love. Love u moms

Dec 17, 2011
GOD doesn't do this...
by: Anonymous

People make their own choices, and God gives them that priviledge. Unfortunately, innocent people suffer sometimes for other's bad choices. Our Father in heaven loves us - it breaks His heart when His children make these fatal choices, but PLEASE don't say "He does this"...for what EVER reason. He ALLOWS it, because life goes on until He comes again - but...He CAN use the experiences, and does, to teach others right and wrong, and the consequences. Kind of like parents who let their baby touch the hot oven door and tell him "HOT....HOT!!" to teach him. Thanks for "listening" <3

Nov 22, 2011
drinking and driving
by: Monique williams

I don't believe god does things for a reason, they aren't victims, they chose to drink then drive so that's the consequences of their actions, she should've driven if she was sober instead of him, she's just as guilty. this behavior pisses me off as my innocent brother was killed by a drunk driver(2 time offender) he was 34 with 3 babies. He was loved by his family and many friends. It has devastated us and changed our lives for ever. something for people to think about. his story is on this page Thai Williams

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