Kelsie Stefan, Ohio, June 10, 2011

by Kelsie Stefan

I was at a friends party, I have had a few drinks, My boyfriend and I were fighting so I wanted to go home, I hadn't realize he was drunk. So we got in the car, and he was driving really fast, something had told me to put my seatbelt on, so i did. I blacked out, and I woke up in the car, it was all smashed up. My boyfriend wasn't in the car, he was out in the road somewhere. We didn't hit anyone, we hit a boulder, the car flipped over ffive times. I started screaming "what happened?" over and over again. And my boyfriend just kept screaming i'm sorry i'm sorry. I couldn't move, but i tried to search around the car as best as i could to find my phone. I couldnt find it. I thought forsure i was going to die. I started screaming HELP at the top of my lungs, finally a car seen us and called 911. If I wouldn't have put my seatbelt on i would of died. I was in the hospital for two months. I was in the icu. My boyfriend was only in the hospital 4 days. I broke multiple bones. He wasn't hurt as bad as i was. It's been four months since the accident. I'm still re learning how to walk, i'm in a wheelchair. I have to go too therapy, doctors appts and counseling. It was the worse thing i have ever been through, it still haunts me to this day. I never thought this could happen to me but it did. Everybody really needs to think twice about drinking and driving. It can change yours and your loved ones lifes forever. I really hope my story changes your state of mind. I'm so lucky and thankful i am still alive.

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Oct 20, 2011
Im glad you survived your ordeal
by: Monique Williams

sorry you had to go through that hell and your boyfriend was so stupid, reckless, selfish as to put you in that situation. I hope he learns his lesson and doesn't do it again. My brother was killed 2 years ago by a second time offender drunk driver, luckily she died as she wouldn't have faced stiff charges for her crime, My family, his kids and many friends have been devastated by his loss.

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