kevin luke crowder alabama september 15 2008

I'm not stating my name, but Kevin Luke Crowder was one of the best guys I knew, he was an amazing person and was full of life! I miss him everyday! Two days ago was his birthday, and it took alot out of me not to scream and cry all day long, I grew up knowing him, and if he were still here today I know that's he'd be smiling,having fun, doing whatever made him happy! You couldn't say no to that sweet little crooked grin of his 😁, it was so adorable! I wish he could be here today, to see where all his friends have ended up, most married with kids, and most still being silly! He will always have a place in my heart! I was talking to him earlier the day he wrecked, he was working at ryans in Andalusia! I still remember all of our conversations, and all the things we did when we seen each other. Yes, he was drunk when he wrecked,and that hurts so much because all the times telling him he didn't need to do that, but he was hardheaded and didn't listen! But that was Luke, hardheaded, sweet, kind, loving, Caring,..he is very very missed and loved so so so much! I'll never forget that smile, or those beautiful eyes! I love you Luke with all my heart, and I miss you dearly!!!!!!!!!!

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