Kevin Luke Crowder; September 22, 2008


I am Tiffany Presley and i was dating Luke when he died. A drunk driver didnt kill him but he killed his self from being the drunk driver. I had talked to him the same night and he had already ran off the road due to head lights from another car. He ended up in another deadly wreck. Luke was by far the best guy i had ever met. He lit up everyones day. He decided to get behind the wheel and went into an alcohol acoma they said. He was the sweetest to everyone. The day he died was the worst day of a lot of peoples lives. He was loved by everyone. He had tons of friends who condidered him family so when he passed away it was hard. He was in the hospital a week. He was brain dead. He wouldnt respond. He couldnt breathe on his on. He was on life support and the family couldnt bare to see him like that. Luke was an amazing guy all around. He knew how to have fun and i loved him dearly. I still think a lot about him almost 3 years later. He was just full of life. In the end alcohol took his life. I encourage people not to get behind the wheel. He was only 19. So many people decide to drink and drive and think that it is okay. Well its not and i know from experience. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE..i beg you. No one will ever forget him. Hes made an impact in a lot of peoples hearts. He will never be forgotten. RIP LUKE I LOVE YOU

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May 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I feel sorry for you and i hope he is in a better place.

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