knowing he wont be there

im 18 and grew up without my father. He was killed when i was two by a drunk driver... i dont think anybody knows how the wondering factor play in my life. i wonder evey minute how my life would be diffrent if he were here..

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Oct 31, 2009
I too lost my father and brother at 6
by: Anonymous

I lost my brother who was 4 and my father by a drunk driver. You will go through life looking over your shoulder wondering if you will ever wake up from the dream. Every holiday and special occation you wait for them to walk through the door and long for their presence. My marriage, birth of my children, Holiday dinners, and just lost time. I see them in my children's eyes and laughter. They say I look and act just like my father. I miss my brother too. We were best friends. They say it gets easier. I am still waiting. I know I will see them again some day, but the pain is still there. Every child with bright blond hair reminds me of my brother. I know the man who killed my family does not have the pain and loss that I have. I am and will always be angry about that. Hang in there and make a life for yourself. You will move on, but the pain will always be there. I am living it and I understand.

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