Landon Carney

by Candace Barrett
(Denham Springs, LA )

Landon Carney

Landon Carney

My sons name was Landon Carney he was 18 years old when he was senselessly killed by a second offense drunk driver in the state of Louisiana.

Landon he was loved, he was my heart, he was cherished, and adored not only by me, “his mother” but by everyone who knew him. Landon was a good kid, he never got into any trouble. He made good grades without having to crack a book. His teachers all loved him. Landon graduated in May of 2008 “with TOPS” He went the extra mile, took the extra classes in high school and was well prepared to start college. I was so proud of Landon.

I had a great relationship with my son, and we often talked about the dangers of drinking and driving. I stressed to Landon the importance of always wearing a seat belt and this is something he did. My son was kind, he was loving and he smart. I have a memory book of awards and certificates he received from kindergarten until he graduated high school. Landon never got too old to give his family a hug and kiss. I was so proud to be his mother and he knew it, because it was something I told him all the time.

On Saturday Nov. 1, 2008 Landon went to a party with a friend, but after the party there was no room for him to ride home in his friends truck because the friend was giving a few other kids a ride home. My son got into another car with someone I'm not even sure he knew buckled his seat belt and was killed a few minutes later when the driver lost control of the car he was driving, ran off the road, flipped the car and hit a tree. Two boys were killed, a 17 year old and my 18 year old son. My son was killed instantly “so we were told” and the other boy died shortly after when he was thrown from
the car out of sunroof. The driver of the car climbed out of the sunroof and was walking around when the police arrived at the scene. I can only imagine the fear my son felt when he realized he had made a major mistake getting into this persons car. I was told later by Landon’s friends that when they tried to take the keys away from the driver he took off with these two kids in his car. Yes, Landon did get into the car, and I will never know if he knew the driver was drunk or not. All I can imagine is the fear that my son felt when he knew he was about to die at the hands of this drunk driver.

My life was changed forever very early Sunday morning, Nov. 2, 2008 when two police officers knocked at my door to tell me my son was dead. I was in total denial because I did not know the name of the driver of the car, nor the other passenger killed. I cannot explain the unimaginable pain and grief I felt and continue to feel every single day. I am not the same person I was before Landon was killed, so senselessly.

I learned a few days later that the 21 year old driver who killed my son already had one DWI/DUI. This hurts so badly. If only the driver had learned from his first DWI/DUI two mothers would not had to bury their sons.

I hurt every single day I live, I fear this happening to another person, and the sad part it will (it happens every single day) I miss my son so much and there is nothing I can do or anyone
can do to make the pain go away. All I can do is visit a cemetery where my son should not be and bring him flowers and talk to him there. His life is over and now his family and those who love him are forced to travel the path of grief that never goes away.

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Jun 14, 2012
by: rita

landon, i didnt know you but through ur aunt and mom, ive learned about you and have been given the privlage of seeing your beautiful soul on this earth through pictures, ...landon, if prayers reach you and i do believe a young angel like you, they do, i want to say, come to ur mom in a dream, kiss her face and hug her tight, tell her evrything is going to be alright, and landon tell jesus to comfort her and your brother and sister, ur maw maw and aunts n uncles, ur dad ur step dad, through pictures ive only seen but you had to be an angel , jesus has you and your smile has touched my heart, so it is true landon, fly high and sore strong , what great majesty your in and peace and joy and love, may that comfort your dear sweet loving mom, i pray for her, and thnk you landon, tell jesus for me:) peacen love , amen

Mar 21, 2012
NO..... that does not have to be said!
by: Randy Carney

I am Landons Uncle, his Dads brother.I don't know everything that happened that night...but i know this! Nothing matters about that night ,except the end result...Landon is dead and our family is still living a nightmare we can't wake up from.I suppose what you knew was bothering you, I can understand that,but, it's not important now. I conducted a secret investigation of that night myself, and I found out quite a few things about that night that made me furious.But,I am keeping it to myself,because it DOES NOT MATTER!

Sep 27, 2011
the truth
by: Anonymous

This needs to be said.
The reason Landon was in the drunk person's car is because Anthony didn't ride home in the car he arrived in which was driven by the drunk driver from Texas. The car that took Landon's life. This should not have happened to Landon and the good Lord knows if Landon would have rode home in the truck he arrived there in, Landon would not have died, it would have been Anthony. Landon died being a nice guy in the car with a complete stranger.

Jan 23, 2010
by: lisa kay

OMG !!!!!!!! What a tragic story...this young man had his whole life ahead of him........maybe the book I am writing "Gone Too Soon: The Tragic Stories Of Victims Of Drunk Drivers" WILL MAKE PEOPLE STOP & THINK BEFORE THEY CHOOSE TO DRINK & DRIVE!!!!!!!! If my book prevents EVEN 1 SENSELESS death..then I will know I have accomplished something !!!!!!!!!!

Aug 20, 2009
Because of him
by: Anonymous

Landon was a friend to everyone. He would
do anything to help a person when they needed
it. You had a good son. Landon was one of those people I looked up too. He was my hero. Please know that he did
not die in vain, my life and the lives of so many others have been changed forever because Landon was a part of it. God Bless you Landon. Until I see you again my friend. You will be
greatly missed, and never forgotten.

Jun 25, 2009
He really was loved.
by: Rob

I, along with dozens of others knew your son over the internet from a game he played, he was such a friendly guy that never gave a second thought to helping people out and it's truly a tragedy that he's been taken away from his family and friends through no fault of his own.

His story has effected alot of people and I know that there's alot more people out there who now know the true effects of Drink Driving.

Feb 05, 2009
May god be with you .
by: Tony Manolatos

I am truly sorry for your loss I will say prayer for you and Landon. Below is a link to a site that helped me with loss it may give you some comfort. You are not alone in your grief stay strong for Landon I am sure he would want that and he is with you.


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