Lesson Learned

by C,L,W

I never got into a crash but I seemed to always end up driving. I had a 95 camaro and all my friends wanted to ride in my car instead of theirs. I wasn't a trouble maker. Infact in highschool I was a straight A student. But I also had issues to deal with so instead of dealing with them I drank a lot. There were nights I can remember driving home with one eye open.. I'm not a stupid girl but I did alot of stupid things like that. It wasn't until I was in college that I learned what a huge mistake it was to drive drunk or tipsy. One night me and my friend met another friend who was driving and went out. I drank alot because the plan was to stay at her house. I guess they said I insisted on driving home so they gave me my keys and my best friend went home with me. All I remember is trying to keep the car straight and then hitting the curb. Blew out both my tires and ruined both rims. We called the friend who let us leave and her brother came out and changed the tires and drive us back to my house a town away. The next morning I woke up ashamed and in tears. What if my morning was completely different. What if I took away from a family that I adored someone they loved more then life itself. I did not want to be that monster. What if my then 2 yr old son lost his mother to jail for the rest of his life. The thoughts went on and on. The thought of being so drunk if I did hit anyone I would not of known is horrible. Since that day I have NEVER drove drunk and even today I don't drink. My prayers are with those who have lost a loved one to carelssness.

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