Linda and Autumn White, Baltimore, MD October 28, 1987

by Stephanie White
(Washington, DC, US)

My name is Stephanie White and I am the daughter of Linda White and the younger sister of Autumn White, who were both killed by a drunk driver on the night of October 28, 1987. My mother and my 2 sisters and I were on our way to pick up our father from the night shift on this particular night and out of nowhere a drunk driver hit our car head on. My mother Linda White age 28, my sister Autumn White age 7, my sister Brittany White age 1 1/2 and myself, Stephanie White age 5 where all injured in this accident. My mother, Linda and my sister Autumn were killed in this accident. My sister Brittany and I were left with severe injuries to the head and body. My sister Brittany was in a coma for more than 3 months and I had injuries to my legs, etc. We never made it to pick up our father that night.

27 years later, my sister Brittany White has passed, April 17, 2001 and me, Stephanie White now 32, is living in the Washington, DC area, with a pretty good life. Life has been real hard for me growing up but I managed to make it! My father and I are doing well! With the 2 of us left from our once family of 5, we can only depend on each other.

I have a growing event planning business of 8 years, 2 educational degrees under my belt, I continue to thrive in life, with my mother and 2 sisters motivating me to keep going. At times when I miss them, I think of what they would have wanted me to do and I continue to push, living each day for them, my family who is no longer here on earth. I love you and I miss you all!

Your Daughter and Sister,

Stephanie White, October 28, 2014.

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