Lisa Moreno,Riverside,CA,August 19,2008

by stacey

Lisa was my Best Friend since, 1976. We grew, loves, lost fr over 30 years. I lost contact with her in late 2005. While searching for her I discovered that she had been killed as a result of drunk driving. She was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed, striking a curb, a fence, a mailbox, and a fire hydrant. The vehicle then rolled ejecting her and she was later pronounced deceased at Riv. Community Hospital. The driver was on parole, under the influence of alcohol and driving with no regard for human life. He suffered only minor injuries and was arrested and later booked in Riv. for two charges. Violation of 187FPC Murder and 187(A) F PC Murder. He has been held for trial for four years and three months. I miss my friend so much and her life was robbed from her in an instant. She never married and left no children behind. I would really like to follow this case and have been looking for her family. I know that if Lisa had known life would end so soon for her, she would of done things differently. Lisa was strong and talented and her many gifts wouldn't of been wasted. Knowing this, helps me realize that "EVERYONE", should live life like every day is your last. If Lisa would of lived this way, she would of been somewhere elce that day and possibly alive and well. God has a journey planned for each one of us. He knows the day you are born and the day you will die. Just remember, it is his journey. A person's selfish wants are secondary. So, thank you Lisa for helping me see the light. And, I know that your life had meaning to many, you were just unclear of what that meaning was. So, establish a clear sense of self, before it's too late. Stacey

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Sep 09, 2014
From me 2 you NEW
by: Anonymous

Can we all just love one another? Life is to short to play the blame game ,at this point no one win you all lose. Can we just love one an other? When you feel like pointing your finger just find a quiet place and talk to god. He will understand.. You see you all can't solve is just give it to god .aman

Jul 22, 2013
Life is precious NEW
by: sg

To Lisa’s friends, I wish you all peace and longevity.

To Lisa's family, I wish the strength and love of Lisa's smile.

To Lisa, I wish you eternal rest and knowledge that you made everyone you knew a better person in some way or another.

Jan 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Let me just clarify some things for you.
First of all my grammar is perfectly fine and as far as cursing I beg your pardon I did no such thing as a matter of fact if you would have read all the posts you may have seen that most of my comments were in response to the one who thinks they are giving me lessons in human decency. WOW, as a matter of fact I actually quoted verbatim "douche bag" in my reply. Almost and I do mean almost everything I wrote is in direct response to "Nun Ya Business's" comments example driving with my phone up my ass wow that's intelligent. This "Nun Ya Business" person seems to be the one with issues full of insults as a matter of fact maybe they should practice what they are trying to preach using their head for only a hat rack. My post had absolutely nothing to do with what Lisa's lost friend had wrote. I do apologize for that. I am not full of hatred an anger and I am not trying to convey anything to anyone personally. What I find amazing is the fact that you are no longer innocent until proving guilty you are guilty til proven innocent. Who is responsible for making sure that the people in authority positions are not taking advantage of those who don't know the legal system? I guess if you don't you just don't have a chance especially if you cannot afford a lawyer. I am a law student and they way I am being taught is not what are constitution represents at all. They might as well forget about teaching ethics because there is none.
So let me jus say this in closing, I sure hope that you or anyone else is never in a position where your freedom is on the line and the only witnesses around are corrupt and you have no chance because who would believe you over a police officer or a fire fighter, etc etc. I Pledge Allegiance to the flag to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. oh oops nevermind we don't do that anymore I forgot.

Jan 13, 2013
TO: anonymous
by: MB

why don't YOU use spell check and grammar check as well for your own typing. you need it. i see as many if not more errors in your statements. you sound so angry and hateful. oh...and lay off the curse words and maybe somebody will listen to what you are trying to convey. stacy's words came from her heart and include facts. the murder charges are public record, as well as the driver's name, birth date, booking number, previous criminal charges, etc. You should not even be on here unless you can communicate like a decent human being. Have a nice day now.

Nov 09, 2012
Middle finger
by: Anonymous

Don't you have spell check speach is spelled speech and I won't bother to correct other mistakes you made you must have had your phone up your ass

Nov 08, 2012
Oh yeah and one more thing
by: Anonymous


Nov 08, 2012
Middle Finger
by: Anonymous

Wow dont you have some big words to impress people. I am not related to the convicted why would that even matter. You dont know what my involvment with that case was. Lisa and her family were not on speaking terms at the time of the accident because she did some time in prison and they didnt like that. Her family let her sleep in parks in her car instead of taking her into their home which was probably hers at one time. So get you F*^&*^*&^ng facts straight. The cops whose cars use to say " TO SERVE AND PROTECT"
they dont say that anymore she was dead and he was drunk. They figured case closed well they didnt follow MAIT "MAJOR ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION TEAM" protoccol In case your a douche bag yourself. They did not preserve the evidence from the crime scene. The DNA which is the only thing that would have proved who was driving was not preserved. WHY you would think you would at least be human enough to want everyone to have a fair trial not GUILTY TIL PROVEN INNOCENT. So without addressing all your lame comments about what I wrote, I will say absolutely it was a tragedy for both families. Her blood alcohol level was higher than is, the bottomline is that neither one of them had any business in a vehicle nobody does. Why you think your words affect my they dont what should piss you off is the fact that cops dont do there job they abuse their badge what if that was your kid and he said "MOM or DAD I wasnt driving" what would you do? I am the one who tries to make sure that people in authority positions follow protocol to many dont.

Aug 20, 2012
amen nun ya business
by: monique williams

I agree with you Nun ya business, and ignore the douche bag's comments- it's insensitive and stupid/ he probably does drink and drive or wouldnt defend such a p--!! people made cruel comments to me when my brother was killed-people who are just mean and stupid as well as friends/family of the drunk bitch. take care of yourself. you know the truth and that's ultimately what matters

Aug 20, 2012
MIDDLE FINGER!! mr anonymous
by: Nun ya business

Obviously, you are wrong mr or mrs ANONYMOUS! Your blatent disregard for the living speaks volumes to your souless opinion about what happened the night a young women died. How dare you BLAME the victim!!! Were you There? You know so much....Answer me this...? Did Steve Red have any priors? Fact! He had several...
Answer this, was he under the influence? FACT...YES! And, was he driving like a BAT out of HELL? Fact! Yes! It was a one car accident! There's your intent....If he had any regard for her then he would of been EXTRA careful, considering, he was not only UNDER THE INFLUENCE but, on parole...And as a Habitual, he had NO MORE CHANCES! And if your theory was so credable then why did Steve James Red get convicted of MURDER? So, your comments are discounted as Irelevent, FALSE, and Small as is your, "Way of thinking!" It's obvious your related to the drunk driver as, you must be drunk TOO!!! People like you should be convicted of the crime of FELONY STUPIDITY!!! You problobly drive with a phone up your ass...If your license isn't suspended and you can afford insurance. People like you give freedom of speach a BAD name.If you had to get a license to speak, people like you would have to shut the _ _ _ _ UP! The fact is that you have no business saying anything to anyone in that manner! Grow up! Look at the BIG picture! The guy is a drunk who killed someone. The proof is in the case file. I believe that the law determines the monetary value of steve red's responsibilty and I hope the Moreno family is compensated for the loss of here youngest daughter...I hope they can live the life of luxory...and ?I hope you start useing your head for more than just a hat rack...People who show disrespet get disrespected....Karma is a real thing and you should think with your brain NOT your mouth! If you knew the difference between fact and fantasy you may of realized you were out of line...After thinking about it you would of been more respectful of the facts and neverposted that immature comment and may be I would never of had to teach you that winners are always part of the solution....and Losers are always part of the problem. Think three steps ahead and your charactetr flaws may not be so evident, The FACT is it's been four years today and there r two families forever changed...Have some respect......S

Jun 03, 2012
What a joke
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for the Moreno family loss but she was the one who was driving like an idiot without a seatbelt which was nothing new for her. And to the family mourning after such a tragic event wow did you even have a funeral service for her besides online or is it just money your after . The real loss is the person who was convicted of this I am not even gonna say crime I think suicide is a better word for it she killed herself and I hope you dont get one penny for it you don't deserve it

Nov 26, 2011
live every day to the fullest
by: monique williams

That's a good lesson and Im sorry for your loss.
it's terrible how rampant drunk driving is and how it's not taken seriously. I also believe laws need to become stricter before things will improve. My brother was killed 08/20/09 by a drunk driver in Oregon. he was 34 and had three babies. He is missed by family, friends, and coworkers. she was a 2nd time offender as she had a previoud dui. luckily she was killed or she wouldn't have faced the charges she should've.

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