Losing Everything but my life

by Charlie

June of 2004 I had been on a rampage drinking, I had been a drinker before this. I had a nice home I had built and designed for me and my now ex-wife she had left me because we both had a problem with drugs but from what she says I went off Christmas morning of 2003 and she had enough. She took my 8 year old son and went to stay with her sister at Fort Cambell,Kentucky and filed for divorce so in June I had been dating this slut and she was going to break up with me because her sister said I was at a bar buying this other girl drinks but that was not true at the time I owned my own business and had a brand new home on 20 acres of land,so I was always buying for eveyone. That night my best friend dropped me off and new what was going on and told me to stay home well I didn't listen went to Pub 44 and tried to make up for something I didn't even do. Now that I think about it really hard that was stupid I could have had anyone, it boils down that I might not have SEX one night! So I started drinking anything and everything and drove home, I had no valid drivers license either. I was going they say 90,it really doesn't matter because I was impaired. I ended up going through a turn the only problem is I didn't turn and took out 3 telephone poles, had to be air-lifted and was in a coma for 3 months with a broken pelvis,8-13 broken vertabrates in my back so I ended up being in a turtle shell for 6 months to a year after being released plus having right anterior lobe damage to my BRAIN. In another words I have my life THANK THE LORD but I lost everything I had worked so hard for, for 5-10 years. So think about a taxi or just not even going and doing it.Luckily no one else was on the road or I probably would have killed them.

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Mar 10, 2009
Thanks for sharing and being honest.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for seeing what was going on and doing something about it. My partner of 12 years and best friend Carol Cooper, was killed by a impaired driver, he certainly dint take responsibility he ran from the scene leaving her pinned to a wall and even took the time to take his personnel papers out of the car. You have identified a problem and made a honest conclusion not to drink and drive. I thank you for that. I hope people will consider what you said.

Good luck.

Mar 10, 2009
Thank you for your honesty
by: Suzanne in Ct


Your very lucky to be alive, and as you said, Thank God you are. My husband was killed by a drunk driver, and this man had no remorse, he couldn't even do jail time! Not being a citizen of the US, he fled the country, never taking responsibility for what he did. Your case is very different in the aspect of you hurting yourself, and no one else, never the less, you own the responsibly of what you did that night, and I applaud you on that. I think because you owned up to your actions on that night, you'll be okay....You will have a second chance to rebuild your life...It's honorable to own up to something. I'm sure your on your way to recovery at this point, but keep going...Your one of the lucky ones...My story is on this site about my husband, It was April 16th, 2006..My life, my love, my better half, my husband...If your interested...

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