Lyndsay Nicole Starr

by Donna

My best friend, Lyndsay, was riding on a very curvy road. It had deep cliffs on both sides. Her and her sister were driving at I think about 40 mph and some idiot was coming around a curve at 85. Come to find out he was drunk. Lyndsay broke her neck and died instantly while the drunk driver walked away without a scratch or a charge. Does this seem like justice to you?

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Apr 05, 2011
Thank you.
by: Anonymous

Thanks hunn. It hurt so much. Lyndsay's never done anything to deserve that. But alcohol affects people more than they realize.

Apr 04, 2011
I am so sorry
by: Anonymous

Honey, it doesn't seem like justice at all... you need to take some action, this is the only way I know how to advise you, I took action.... be proactive and spread the word not to drink and drive!!!

Again, I am so sorry this has happened!

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