Lynne Cushman Mount Morris MI 1978

by Dianne Good-Ayersman
(Porter, Indiana)

Lynne was one of my best friends in school. We had just started our freshman year and I came to school that day and could not find her. I then learned the tragic story that while waiting for the bus a drunk driver went around the school bus striking and killing her. The driver had a .28 blood alcohol level. She was so young and had her whole life to live. She was the only daughter and a great kid. At the funeral her mother was so shook up that when I went to pray by her casket I got up and her mother said to me "who are you?" She then realized who I was and grabbed me and hugged me and kept saying "Why Lynn". I could not provide an answer to this but I do know that if stiffer laws were in effect back then that my best friend would still be alive today.

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