by Cass
(East Tennessee USA)

He had a hard life growing up in the small town he came from & worked very hard for things he beleived in . So when I met my true hearted love it was like trying to hold back an ocean with a feather. When we got pregnant the world was even more magical. He was on his way to ask my dad for my hand in marriage when he was killed headon by a drunk driver ! My hope for tomorrow shattered. I almost miscarried our baby. A very great man gone because of stupidity by a drunk. So many tears shed until I couldn't cry only beat on the bed where had lain softly breathing just a short time earlier. The pain & mental torment of his loss. Lives changed for so many families_ How can drunks live with this horrible slaughter! Then when my baby was 2 our van was hit by another drunk on a lonely country road. We were very lucky to survive. A drunk should have to live out were only other drunks live so they can murder only other drunks& not our lovd ones. Drinking drugs & driving just don't make sense to me. Drunks God gives everyone life & He don't in noway give you the right to take it !!!

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