Marcia Acosta Downs, Torrance, CA, May 16, 1970

by Stephanie
(Moreno Valley, CA)

Although the years seem many, the memories are now few. So many questions still surround all who knew and loved my Mother. She was 24 yrs old and had three small children, my sister would turn 6 yrs old a month after the incident (I don't call it an accident), I was 4 yrs old and my brother was 14 mos. Our Mother and Father were traveling home on their anniversary and were hit head on by another vehicle. My Mother was ejected from the car and my Father was hospitalized for weeks after the crash. The other driver was intoxicated and killed my Mom that night after deciding that he could get behind the wheel of a car. For years I believed that she would come back, for years I had horrible nightmares and was afraid of everything. Three babies lost their Mother and ultimately their Father because things would never again be the same. People say that the same sex parent is the most influential in a child's life, I will only know 4 years with my Mom and those few memories are really only things that I have heard. So I always ask, "who influenced me"? I too have had a connection with alcohol (not drinking and driving) and while I don't blame anything I do on my Mom's death, I do often wonder what the connection is between the loss of my Mom due to alcohol and my reasons for drinking it at all after such a hatred for it. I am fine now through therapy and have a beautiful family of my own. I have forgiven this person who killed my Mom but I never forget.

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Sep 26, 2011
by: Stephanie

Hi Tanya - I sent you a private email. Thanks for reaching out, I hope to hear from you soon.

Sep 25, 2011
How did u forgive
by: Tanya bishop

How did u forgive the man who killed your mother . 5years ago a drunk driver hit us while we were broke down our 5 yr old was killed my 9yr old made it and so did my husband and myself . None of our life's will ever be the same the man who hit us was sentence to 12 years and walked out of jail 18 months later (good behavior ) 2 weeks ago that man who killed my son got caught again for drinking and driving . I was told I have to forgive to forget but I can't seem to come to grips with doing that . Please maybe you can give me some advice how did you do it . My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family . You got something I wish I had maybe you can email me forever in my heart xoxox

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