Mary Paulette Morton Byrd, Fort Myers, Florida. July 9, 2005

by MMM

My sister was driving home from a friends when her car broke down. She was off to the side of the road, it was around 9pm and a light mist of rain had started to fall.

It was a two lane stretch of road with a turning lane... she saw a car approaching from the direction she was traveling in. She got out of her car to try and flag the driver down for assistance. She got out of the car, walked out into the turning lane and began to wave her arms. The driver saw her and began to slow. He motioned to her that he was going down to turn around and come back to help. As he was turning around he saw a green mini van pull out of the side street ( where the turning lane led you ), swing out too far, past the lane he should have been in, striking my sister and from the medical reports , killing her instantly.

The driver of the mini van was charged with DUI. His second offense. He went to jail for the night, bonded out. To protect himself from litigation, he quick claimed his properties to relatives.. I guess figuring if he had nothing to lose, he wouldn't be sued.?? He eventually got to spend almost 30 days in jail! The penalty for taking a life.. due to negligence.? You have to love our legal system at times.

My sister left behind four children. Two boys and two girls. The effect it had on them is indescribable. It's a struggle to this day... and thus, today would have been her 41st birthday. Happy Birthday seester! With much love! MMM

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