Matthew Camili, Lakeland Village/Lake Elsinore, CA 1/29/13

by Jane Miguens
(Lakeland Village, CA USA)

Coming home from work I was horrified to witness the car and accident scene in which 25 year old Matthew was hit head on by two men in a pickup that had been drinking and speeding. I do not know Matthew, but know that he lived down the street from me and would see his Neon parked on the side of the road. My Son is around the same age and also owned a Plymouth Neon. Everytime I go by the accident area (daily)I am brought to tears with thoughts of poor Matthew and his family.

So sad to see such a tragedy, today marks two weeks since the accident and I still struggle everytime I pass by. I will stop today to place a rose at the site his family and friends have in which a candle burns brightly for Matthew.

Hard to believe in this day and age when there is so much in the media about drinking and driving that people are still taking innocent in peace poor Matthew.

Thank you for this site, a place to express my grief.

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