Meagan Len Holder, Desdemona, TX 76445 4-14-09

by Stephanie Holder

Meagan was with her "boyfriend" who was driving her car. He was legally drunk at the time. They were going between 60-70 mph in a 45 mph zone in the city limits of De Leon, TX. Meagan was 17 years old at the time and about to graduate from high school. It was dusk and her car was silver. The driver of her car did not have the headlights on and could not be seen by other vehicles. Another car pulled into the road and side swiped her car. It caused the car to hit a very large rock. My daughter was ejected from the car. The driver of was not injured at all, just a cut on the head the required 4 staples. Meagan never regained consciousness. She was taken to the local hospital where I watched them work on her for what seemed like hours. The careflight crew was already there when I arrived at the ER. They were the ones working on her. I watched them shock her three times to get her heart started. And I watched them push blood into her by the bag. She was not breathing on her own. They were having to use the Ambu bag the whole time. I stood by her head praying and begging her to hang on, but in my heart I knew that she was gone. It was too late for my little girl.

Finally, the helicopter crew decided it was time to go and they careflighted her to a larger facility in the metroplex. It is 1 1/2 hours away from our home. I prayed all the way to that hospital begging God to save her life. When we got there the doctor informed me that she had crashed on the way in the helicopter and he worked on her for 30 minutes but could not get her heart started. My husband and I lost our only daughter. My son lost his only older sister, his world, his idol. We have never been the same nor will we.

The offender did not get charged with intoxicated manslaughter. He served six months in jail for a misdemeanor for killing my daughter. It is so messed up.

I grieve every single day for my beautiful daughter.

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