Megan Lowery & Janet Ruvacaba.

by Maygen Boeve
(Houston, TX)

December 5th, 2005.
A night after a show in Downtown Houston at the Engine Room. 5 friends leave the club to their destinations. Or what they thought, were supposed to be their destinations. They run out of gas, and pull over to the side of the road. The driver, Daniel, calls his Dad to bring him some gas. Between the time of him hanging up the phone and waiting for his dad to bring them gas, they were plowed into, by a white truck, going about 75-80 miles an hour. From the news reports, the backseat was non-existent. Megan Lowery, 14 & Janet Ruvacaba, 13 died instantly due to discretions I must not discuss on the web. CJ, the 13 year old in the back was thrown forward, and hit the dashboard which caused instant, permanent brain damage. Lauren 15, wasn't hurt very badly. & The driver and Daniel 17, had a busted pelvis and had to use a wheelchair for a little bit.

This, was one of the most tragic days of my life. Those two girls, were my bestfriends. & To think, I was supposed to go with them that night to that show.

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