Megan Madeline Thomas Murdered on Mar 17 2006

by Ed Lindsey
(Susquehanna, Penna)

Ms. Julianne Evans was so kind to put up Megan's story on her web site. Of course some of the things that are not up to par on this site she has put on her site. I'am the grand-father of my one and only grand-daughter Megan Thomas and she was murdered just by another drunk driver here in America. I could say a lot about charities and politicians that have the power to stop this senseless killing on our nations highways. But in the end it is up to you to stop it. You can see Megan on Julianne's web site and you can also view on the slideshows on how to really stop the drunk driver. Alcohol is big business and with this I close the discussion on what you can do. Do not be the one to hear your family or friends give you their final words. Such as our only grand-daughter gave my wife.. " Grammy I Can Not Breathe!" Below is Julianne Evans web site and you can read on what happened. Leave Julianne a message under comments and she will respond to you. Here is her web site:

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