Melinda & Brittany, Kilgore, Texas, 2-24-11

by Brittany
(Kilgore, Texas)

My name is Brittany, I am 18 and a senior in high school. My mom pick me up from school at 3:30 pm. We went to the grocery store to pickup a few items for dinner. We were going around a curve, which you can't really see the other cars coming when your coming up over the curve. We saw the red pickup truck and he wasn't sure where he was going and he was coming really fast, before we could do anything, he swirved into our lane and hit us head on going 45 miles an hour, my mom and I were going 35. Everything stopped for a minute, then he backed up and hit us again only going all the way down the driver side of our truck, his truck got caught under my moms left back finder. All i remember was opening my eyes and seeing the airbags out and smoke smelling like our truck was on fire. My mom frantically told me to get out because she thought the truck was on fire, we slowly climbed out of my side of our truck, we got to the sidewalk, and i helped lay my mom down on the sidewalk because she couldn't breathe. I was so upset, scared, and hurting from the airbag hitting me. On top of this it was storming, and it was pouring down rain. People who witnessed what happened came and helped us, and called the police. Meanwhile the driver of the truck who hit us, got out and ran from the scene, i was so upset i didn't see him because i was in the ambulance with my mom getting checked out. Thankfully witnesses in the cars parked watching what was going on was telling the police where he was running to and they caught him and arrested him. One of the officers came and talked to me told me they caught he and have him hand cuffed in the police car and he told me he was highly intoxicated, he said he didn't even know where he was or what his name was. I just broke down, because I was so scared and so angry he did that to me and my mom, 2 innocent people just going home to cook dinner and dye our hair. They also started searching his truck and found a 30 pack of beer cans in his truck, some where opened and in his cup holder, which means he was drinking, drunk, and driving. He demanded that he was hurt and got taken to the hospital in the ambulance. He was arrested 3 days later. My mom and I went to the hospital as well, and we have come to find out that we both have whiplash, and I suffer head injuries and lower back injuries, i also had a huge seatbelt bruise that went from my shoulder all the way down under my left breast. I had to have shots in my head from the headaches I have been having and the swelling caused in the lower part of my skull. With my mom her pelvic shifted and her back is all out of wack, she struggles getting up and laying down, she can't sit down for to long and she is in severe pain... she also has injuries with her lower part of her skull, with inflamation and fluid. We both suffer with driving. We are both so scared someone is going to hit us head on again and we just don't feel save driving anymore. It's just not fun anymore. We are constantly going to doctor appointments and physical therapy... I am so thankful we are alive and each and everyday working to getting better. My mom is my rock and my bestfriend, I am so glad she is okay. When she couldn't believe it just tore me a part to see my mom like that. It was the most painful things i have ever experienced... But I am truely thankful we are alive. :)

Always remember to never to drink and drive, you will ruin someones life or take a life away if you make a choice to get behind a wheel drunk.

Thank you for reading my story.

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Jul 12, 2011
Happy to be alive
by: Gail

I am so please to read that you and your mother are alive and improving. I hope and pray that whomever did this to you and your mom gets punished to the fullest by law.

May God Bless you always

Mar 30, 2011
Brittany's story
by: Suzanne


Thank you for sharing your story, I also have a story on this website...I can only hope the man that hit you and your Mom was sent to jail, you are sooooo lucky!!! most people aren't...You are a young girl, I hope you use your experience to educate others on the effects of drinking and driving...You can't go through life afraid Brittany...Instead of being afraid to get in a car and go or do the things you want because of someone else's stupidy...Make sure people like HIM don't drive, by you be afraid, you lose...Don't let this man take this from you...Teach to others what you've experienced, and LIVE your life...Someone was making sure you did that day...Be safe, be happy, and don't drink and drive ever...

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